Scandi Bundles Advent Calendar Project

Level: Intermediate


  • 70cm of 112cm wide Prima homespun fabric- red
  • 60cm of 112cm wide Prima homespun fabric- natural
  • Christmas quilting printed Jelly Roll (pockets)
  • 45cm wide by 70cm high of thin fusible pallon wadding
  • Vliesofix
  • Scissors, Pins, Safety pin, Tape measure/ruler
  • Sewing machine & matching thread
  • Iron
  • Piece of dowel rod


Cut 1x piece measuring 40cm wide by 60cm high from natural Prima cotton fabric.

Cut 2x pieces measuring 45cm wide by 70cm high from red Prima cotton fabric. Fuse wadding to the back of one of the red fabric pieces.

To create pockets, cut 24pieces measuring 7.5cm wide by the height of the jelly roll. The edges of the pockets will remain raw.

Using an iron, fuse Vliesofix to back of scraps of the natural and red Prima cotton fabric. Draw or trace numbers on to paper in reverse approximately 2cm high. Cut numbers out, and peel paper backing from back of numbers. Place numbers right way up on top of the corresponding pockets in desired position. Iron numbers to fuse to the front of the pockets.

Begin pinning the first row of pockets to the front of the natural Prima cotton piece with the top of the pockets 4-5cm from the top raw edge of the natural Prima fabric with pockets approximately 2cm apart. Adjust position of pocket as desired.

Pin the next row of pockets with the top of the second row of pockets 3.5cm lower than the base of the top row. Adjust if desired.

Repeat to pin all rows of pockets. Adjust position as desired.

Sew each pocket to natural fabric 2mm in from each side and base edge of the pockets, leaving the top edges open.

With the pocket side facing up, place natural piece on top of the right side of the padded red cotton piece, pin together. Sew together by top stitching 3-5mm in from the outer raw edge of the natural fabric through all layers. Sew layers together by sewing across natural fabric between the third & fourth row of pockets and down the height of the natural fabric through the second and third row.

With right sides facing, place and pin the other red Prima cotton fabric piece over the top of the pocket fabric, aligning all outer edges. Sew together at the side and base edges with a 1cm seam allowance. Trim wadding back to seams at sides and trim back 2cm of wadding from the top edge.

Turn fabrics right way out and press under a 2cm hem at the top open edges.

To make hanging tabs, cut 10x strips from natural Prima cotton fabric with each measuring 12cm long by 3.5cm wide. Place two tabs together aligning edges and topstitch together 5mm in from the long edges. Repeat with remaining tab pieces to create a total of 5x hanging tabs.

Insert tabs into the top pressed under edges of the calendar by 2cm and pin in place evenly spacing tabs apart or as per desired. Sew together by top stitching along the top open edge of the calendar 5mm in from top pressed edge, securing tabs within the stitching. Insert dowel rod into tabs and hang as per desired.



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