Modelling Clay

Modelling Clay

With modelling clay suitable for little hands as well as modelling clay for serious artists, Spotlight offers a wide range of different clays and modelling pastes, including clay suitable for oven baking and air drying, liquid clay and paste for Papier Mache.

Buy blocks of modelling clay in various colours, or try your hand with one of the assorted packs which feature a range of colours. Natural modelling clay can be painted after it has been baked in the oven. Modelling clay is ideal for art, school and craft projects and creating family keepsakes.

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  • Sculpey Pluffy Primary Clay

    Sculpey Pluffy Primary Clay

    It's fluffy, it's squishy, it's light and it's FUN! Sculpey Pluffy Primary Clay will never dries out. And it is paintable once backed. Have fun and get creative now.

    Reg: RM79.99

  • Super Sculpey Clay

    Super Sculpey Clay

    Super Sculpey has a long track record as a superb clay for sculpting. It is frequently the chosen polymer clay by artists to produce finely detailed finished sculptures. Super Sculpey can be baked in an oven proof dish in a domestic oven at just 130 C for 15 minutes per 6 mm of thickness. When baked...

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Sculpey Clay

    Sculpey Clay

    Sculpey is an easy to use oven bake polymer clay. It can be used for many projects including jewellery making, small sculptures, figurines, and home decor piece. This is a great introduction to crafting with clay because it is soft. Properly store and keep it fresh and clean if you put it in a cool ...

    Reg: RM7.00 - RM11.48

  • Jovi Clay

    Jovi Clay

    This Jovi Clay is high quality air dry hardening clay with no baking required. It is great for kids from the age of 4 and it is so easy to use! It is made from high quality clay material to provide the firm and easy to shape texture by hand or different material frames of your choice. It has a fresh...

    Reg: RM19.99 - RM44.99

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