Having gorgeous glassware to match your cold food and beverages is sure to make them taste better, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

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Glassware is more than just drinkware - it extends into other serving or stemware such as sundae glasses, pitchers, bowls, jugs and carafes. If you're running an inventory on your glassware cabinet, here are some must-have items to consider including in your stock.

Must-have glassware for every household


Whether you're looking for a highball glass for a relaxing drink on the terrace, a whisky glass to honour a fine bottle of scotch or some sturdier glasses that can take the rough and tumble of your children, tumblers come in all different shapes, sizes and price-points to complement the wide range of purposes they accommodate.


Forming part of your barware collection, stemware refers to any glass that has a stem, usually reserved for adult use (children and the fine glass stems of stemware rarely go well together). If you're celebrating a special occasion with champagne, planning a night in with the girls over a bottle of prosecco or just enjoying your favourite red, stemware glasses are an elegant addition for taking the occasion up a notch.


Make a treat out of your ice cream sundaes with vibrant and colourful glass bowls that allow your desserts to be admired before they're devoured.

Jugs, pitchers and carafes

Glassware jugs, pitchers and carafes are great for serving drinks to groups, especially when in the backyard or anywhere away from the kitchen so you don't have to keep running back and forth for refills. Family-sized glass jugs are perfect for juice or water at the dinner table. Use a carafe to decant your wine and allow it to 'breathe' before serving with your food.


Stunning glass dispensers not only look good but they're ideal for serving beverages at parties. Use them for creative punches, such as filling with gin and tonic and then adding cucumber, lemon and ice - or even juniper berries for a beautiful rose blush. These dispensers are equally as perfect for dispensing fresh fruit juices and iced cold water.

Other drinkware to consider

We often think of glassware when it comes to drinkware but glassware is largely used for cold drinks, not hot ones (latte glasses being an exception to that rule). To round out your drinkware collection, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of coffee cups, coffee mugs, tea cups, insulated travel mugs and all the associated accessories, so your tea or coffee time is one to be enjoyed.

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