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Do you need some accessories for your quilting machine? Or do you need some accessories for your basic sewing collection? Whichever you need, you can find a nice selection of quilting tools and accessories here. From batting tape to marker pens and safety pins, you can find all the required quilting accessories in this section of our catalogue. Check out the range of quilting tools and accessories today and benefit from our sharp prices.

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What Are The Basic Sewing Accessories For My Home?

When it comes to sewing accessories, there are some basics everyone needs in their home. If you are not sure what those basics are, or simply want to expand on your current sewing accessories collection with more advanced tools, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide below.

What Are The Basic Sewing Accessories I Need To Add To My Collection?

There are many accessories that will become indispensable in your hobby room. As a beginner, it can be more difficult to determine which accessories are the ones you need to acquire first.

Scissors: Every sewing collection needs a good pair of scissors. Cutting thread, patterns, and other small tasks all require scissors, so it is recommended to have a pair of suitable scissors for each of these tasks.

As we mentioned in many of our other informational pages, you should never use your fabric scissors to cut paper or other things. Therefore, make sure you have a dedicated pair of fabric scissors, but also some scissors for paper and thread cutting.

Chalk: This is also an essential, as you will use it to mark your fabrics. Whether you need to cut your fabric or mark the location of your stitches, there is always room for a good piece of chalk.

Pins: Sewing requires a nice selection of pins, this goes from ballpoint pins to safety pins. Having a combination of these pins in your hobby room will be useful for many things.

A seam ripper: Beginners will make mistakes, but even experienced crafters can mess up stitches. Therefore, always have a seam ripper at the ready to remove mistakes.

What Are Some Of The Advanced Sewing Accessories I Should Add To My Hobby Room?

There are a bunch of advanced sewing accessories you should consider. Once you have your basics covered, be sure to add these advanced accessories to your hobby room and make the sewing process a whole lot easier.

Sewing machine feet: Most sewing machines come with a pressure foot as a standard. However, certain sewing crafts require a walking foot, including quilting. So, make sure you get some additional sewing feet for your crafting room.

A thread rack: If you are tired of storing your thread in a little tin and want to find them more easily, then be sure to get a thread rack. A thread rack enables you to sort your sewing thread more easily, including by colour and type.

Functional lighting: Some crafting tasks are extremely detailed. If you don't have the functional lighting to match, then you may have a tough time working all the details in. With a combined functional light and magnifying glass, this detailed work becomes a whole lot easier.

A mannequin: If you love making clothes, then a mannequin will have to become part of your collection. Most clothing designers have their own cloth mannequins, as they make the construction of dresses, tops, shirts and other clothing pieces a whole lot easier.

The basic cloth mannequins are the most affordable. However, there are more advanced options that should be a consideration too. Some of the advanced options allow you to change the size of the mannequin, which can be useful when you need to make clothes in a certain size.

A sewing box: If you don't have one already, it is certainly worth investing in your own sewing box. A sewing box allows you to keep all your sewing tools and accessories organised, so you never have to look for anything again.

Much like other sewing accessories, the sewing box can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you sew on a regular basis, be sure to purchase a sewing box that can fit all your supplies. You can even purchase dedicated organisers for those extra-large sewing collections!

Check Out The Full Range Of Sewing Tools And Accessories At Spotlight

In this section, you can find all the sewing tools and accessories for quilters. However, these are not the only tools and accessories you can find for sewing at Spotlight. In fact, we have separate sections packed with other amazing tools and accessories. So, if you want to add to your collection at home, be sure to take advantage of the amazing deals offers in the Spotlight catalogue.



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