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What Should I Include In My Quilting Kit?

Quilting is a wonderful craft that many people enjoy. Of course, to start your journey in the world of quilting, you will need some dedicated supplies to get started. Beginners who are completely new to this craft can check out an overview of essential supplies below. So, be sure to check out the overview below and get started with quilting immediately.

What Is The First Thing I Need For Quilting?

One of the essentials you will need for quilting is a good rotary cutter. While fabric scissors could certainly be used to cut your fabrics, a good rotary cutter provides you with more control and precision. So, if you want the best finish for your quilting project, a rotary cutter will be the recommended addition to your personal collection.

We must mention that rotary cutters come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. However, if you do not have a budget for several rotary cutters, we suggest the medium-sized rotary cutter of 45 mm.

What Is The Second Thing I Need For Quilting?

A good cutting mat will be required for your quilting projects. Obtaining a cutting mat enables you to protect the surface underneath - this is important, especially if you are quilting on your living room or kitchen table.

There are several cutting mats you could obtain, but the self-healing cutting mat tends to have the longest lifespan for quilters. These cutting mats are available in various sizes too, so be sure to pick the size most suitable to your working surface. It is always a good idea to take your table's measurements before buying your cutting mat, so be sure to do so before you obtain a self-healing cutting mat from Spotlight.

What Is The Third Thing I Need For Quilting?

Another essential you will need for your quilting jobs is a quilting ruler. A good quilting ruler should be transparent, so you can easier see any markings you left on the fabric. The quilting ruler is commonly used in combination with the rotary cutter too.

Quilters will need quilting rulers in various sizes for their projects, so we always recommend obtaining various quilting rulers to start out with. If you already have a pattern to work with and some estimated quilt sizes, make sure to take those measurements into consideration before your purchase some quilting rulers.

What Is The Fourth Thing I Need For Quilting?

Before you can start quilting, you will need some good patterns too. At Spotlight, customers can find countless sewing and quilting patterns for crafters of all skill levels. So, if you have never tried quilting before, you can certainly find a pattern to match your skill level in our extensive catalogue.

What Is The Fifth Thing I Need For Quilting?

You will also need some thread for your quilting projects. To begin with, you certainly need some quality thread in neutral colours - this includes colours such as cream, tan, white, grey, and beige. Of course, you must take the colours of your quilt into consideration. Whether you are trying to create a contrast or want to blend your colours, it will influence your choice of thread.

What Is The Final Thing I Need For Quilting?

Crafters can certainly use a dedicated quilting machine for their quilting projects. A quilting machine has a wider table, which allows the fabric to slide over more easily. Some quilting machines also come with additional features, enabling you to use detailing such as embroidery to make your quilt stand out even more.

Some crafters use a regular sewing machine for their quilting projects. A regular sewing machine can be suitable for quilting, providing the crafter obtains the necessary accessories for their standard sewing machine - these can alter your machine's suitability for certain quilting projects.

What Other Quilting Supplies Do I Need As A Beginner?

We covered some of the basics in this overview, but there are other supplies you should consider before you start working on your first quilt. At Spotlight, you can find anything from quilting machines and accessories to fabric and patterns, so we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Benefit from our outstanding prices today and get started on your first quilt!



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