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Your Guide To Fabric Lining - Make Your Next Project Fabulous!

Crafters will regularly encounter fabric lining. Even though beginners might not work with lining immediately, once you become more advanced and decide to try your hand at formal garments, it is likely you will encounter this kind of material.

There are lots of things you should know about lining and the selection of lining materials. To ensure you can get started with lining without much worry, we have created this useful guide for you.

What Is Lining And How Is It Used In Sewing?

Lining is a piece of fabric that is attached to another piece of fabric for a variety of reasons. For example, it can be used as inner garment fabric, or it could provide support in the overall construction of a piece of clothing. In most cases, it will cover the inside of a clothing piece.

Contrary to popular belief, lining does not have the cover the entire inside of a garment. In fact, partial lining is also a possibility, this is commonly used in formal men's jackets, where the top part of the garment is covered with interior lining, but the bottom part is left free.

Please note that lining can be used as support for a garment, but it should never be a replacement for interfacing. Interfacing always provides the best kind of support, so lining will be used to hide seams or to place a lovely decorative accent on a garment or other crafting project.

How Should I Select My Lining Fabric?

There are various fabrics you could use as lining for your garments. When choosing your lining fabric, you should take the main fabric into consideration. Always make sure that your lining fabric blends or complements the main fabric of your garment, this means you have to look at factors such as weight, maintenance, as well as the overall feel of your lining material.

The style of your garment will also be a major contributor to selecting lining fabric. For example, if you make a formal jacket, an inner lining such as wool will not be as suitable. However, a shiny silk with a good sheen might be the better option.

Finally, decide if you want to fully line your garments or partially line it, this will determine how you will construct the garment. Of course, partial lining can influence the choice of material for your lining as well, since some materials are more likely to fray or show uneven edges than others.

Why Is The Weight Of Lining Fabric So Important?

Lining should never be heavier than the main fabric of the garment. If it should be heavier, the lining will dominate the construction of your garment, which defeats the point of a lining fabric. Therefore, always make sure that lining is either lighter or the same weight as your main fabric.

Before you implement your lining fabric in the construction of your garment, never forget that your lining material should be pre-shrunk as well. Some fabrics will shrink when they are washed for the first time. Therefore, always shrink your fabrics beforehand to avoid problems when your garment is finished.

What Is Underlining?

There are various types of lining available these days. Underlining is a prime example, as this term refers to a type of lining that will be used as supportive or inner garment fabric.

In addition to underlining, you can also encounter a lining type called interlining. Interlining is a fabric that is used between the actual lining and the main fabric of the garment. Therefore, interlining is used to provide warmth or another additional feature you want to add to your garment.

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