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How To Decorate For A Party With A Chinese Theme?

Chinese themes are becoming increasingly more popular for a variety of special occasions. You have the obvious Chinese New Year celebrations, but the theme is also used for birthdays and even graduation parties. But how do you decorate for a Chinese party? And what are some of the standards your party needs to meet? Find out below!

How Should I Make My Invitations?

There are certain colours that are associated with good luck in China, and red is such a colour. Therefore, it is not unusual for party organisers to put their invitations in a red envelope. So, this is the standard for invitations you certainly need to meet.

When it comes down to the design of your invitations, you can count on a relatively simple theme. Simply choose the animal that is associated with the year you find yourself in, or the animal associated with the New Year if you are organising a Chinese New Year party. You can get such invitations premade, but you can also design them yourself on your computer.

Which Decorations Are Recommended For A Chinese Party Theme?

There are many decorations that are popular for Chinese themed parties. Fortunately, you can obtain these decorations for an affordable price at Spotlight. If you are curious about the must-have decorations to transform your venue into a Chinese party venue, be sure to check out our suggestions.

Paper lanterns - One of the must-haves for a Chinese-themed party are some paper lanterns. Ideally, you want some red paper lanterns. Once again, these stand for good luck and are commonly associated with the Chinese culture.

To make your paper lanterns stand out, it is a good idea to place some simple LED lights inside. Not only will this put the emphasis on the lanterns, they also make the venue look spectacular in terms of overall ambience.

Dragons - Another decoration associated with the Chinese culture is the typical dragon. Of course, you do not have to buy an expensive dragon statue, as you can easily use a paper dragon. Just as long as the dragon has some bright colours and is given a prime location in your venue, it is bound to shine.

Sparklers - As a centrepiece for your tables, you can use the New Year sparklers, which is definitely appropriate for a Chinese New Year party. Outside Chinese New Year, you can also choose some typical flowers associated with the Chinese culture, this includes peonies and azaleas. For additional effect, you can surround these flowers with some fake gold coins.

Which Food Should I Serve For A Chinese Themed Party?

There are plenty of foods to choose from for a Chinese themed party. You can choose the typical Chinese foods such as fried rice, duck rolls, and serve them in some white containers. For a Chinese themed party, it does not have to be terribly fancy.

If you rather not mess around with individual containers, you can also create a Chinese themed buffet. Simply put the food in some containers that keep it somewhat warm until it is served. Then, place the containers on the side, so your guests can pick the food they want themselves. Be sure to put a bowl with fortune cookies on the side too.

Please note that you need to take extra care if you serve any chicken. Chicken must be kept on the right temperature and you must be wary of cross contamination. So, if you do serve chicken, always make sure you have a food thermometer at hand.

Which Activities Could I Do For A Chinese Themed Party?

Even though most people are not familiar with Chinese themed activities, there are plenty to choose. Of course, the activities you choose will depend on the people attending your party.

Some typical games for a Chinese themed party is traditional mah-jong or Chinese checkers. If that is a little too basic for you, you can also organise a lantern painting activity, after which your guests can take their customised lantern home. Evidently, this is an activity that is suitable for adults as well as children. Not only is it an activity everyone can do, it is affordable to organise too.



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