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Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any other milestone event with our wonderful selection of number decorations at Spotlight. Make up any number, with a wide range of styles and colours available you are sure to find the perfect decorations to complement your colour scheme in this selection. It also features a number of decorations that would be perfect for labelling tables and seating arrangements. Shop the range now for fabulous deals on all of our number decorations.

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What Are The Most Popular Decorations For Birthdays?

There are various decorations you can use for a birthday party, but some are obviously more popular than others. Number decorations top the list of best party decorations for birthdays, closely followed by banners, and balloons. Are you ready to start decorating for a birthday? Find out how to decorate your home for the ultimate birthday party!

What Are Some Good Decorating Ideas For A Children's Birthday Party?

Children's birthday parties tend to be some of the easiest to decorate. There are not that many rules to take into consideration, with the exception that the decorations must be safe when there are a lot of children around.

When you decorate for a children's birthday party, it is best to work around a theme, this makes it easier to choose decorations such as balloons, plates, tablecloths, cups, and a whole lot more. There is no real limit in terms of colours that you can use, this includes the basic bold colours such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink.

Since many children love animals, it is also a good idea to incorporate some animal-themed decorations in your home. You can choose animal-themed balloons, but also animal patterns, cake toppers, and loads more.

How To Decorate For An Elegant Birthday Party?

Elegant birthday parties are easy to decorate for, as you usually work with a monochromatic theme. When you use a monochromatic theme, you will use one dominant colour. For example, you can decorate your entire home with blue decorations. Evidently, this means you use blue banners, blue balloons, blue streamers and even blue cups. It is that simple.

Please note that you can complement a monochrome theme with some detailing in silver and gold. However, you must make sure that the silver and the gold do not overpower the main colour you use for the monochromatic theme.

What Are Some Popular Themes For Birthday Parties?

If you are stuck on a theme to choose for a birthday party, we have some brilliant suggestions for you. Check out some of our themes below to find one to suit your birthday party.

A sports theme - This theme is popular among little boys as well as adult men who are crazy about sports such as soccer, basketball, football and the like. With a sports theme, you will usually use theme colours such as blue and green.

A royal theme - The royal theme is always popular for women, but little girls love the royal theme as well. When you decide to use this theme, you should mainly focus on colours such as purple and gold, as this matches the royal theme beautifully.

When it comes down to the decorations you can use for a royal theme, there is no real limit to the types of decorations you can use. You can use balloons, streamers, and even candles, just as long as they have a purple, silver, or gold colour.

To top off the evening, you can also add a prince or princess movie to the evening. Of course, the type of movie you use depends on the age of the person the party is for.

A Mexican theme - Teenagers and young adults tend to love the Mexican theme. You can include all types of traditional Mexican games, this includes pin the tail on the donkey and the pinata. Evidently, the games you use can be subject to the age of the person the party is for. If you are organising a Mexican themed party for a child, then pin the donkey and the pinata are certainly safe.

For adults, you can add some other things that are associated with the Mexican culture, this includes a mariachi band, some tequila, and genuine Mexican tapas. It does not get much better than that!

A garden party - This is another theme that is popular with young and old and probably the theme that is easiest to decorate for. After all, you can use the natural surroundings of your garden. While you can use some string lights, banners, and even some outdoor balloons, most of the work is already done for you when you organise a garden party. The only thing to take into account is the weather.



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