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What Is Melamine Tableware?

Melamine tableware has been around for some time, yet not everyone is familiar with it. Today, we take a closer look at melamine tableware so you can make a more informed decision when you pick some of our melamine plates, bowls, and trays.

What Is The Material Melamine?

The material melamine is a chemical compound that is used in the manufacturing of tableware such as plates, cups, and bowls. The material has been around since the 1950's, where it was first introduced.

Even though melamine enjoyed great popularity from the 1950's to the 1970's, the material eventually disappeared from the market for a while due to the introduction of other materials. However, melamine has now made a comeback and is available in all sizes, colours and designs. The best thing about it? It is an extremely affordable material!

Is Melamine Tableware Durable?

Melamine tableware is remarkably durable. In fact, manufacturers use so-called melamine resin to create shatter-resistant tableware. There is also restaurant-grade melamine used in restaurant tableware. Many restaurants use it as the material has really good scratch resistance and additional protection against premature damage.

What Does Melamine Tableware Look And Feel Like?

Even though melamine is a kind of plastic, it feels nothing like plastic whatsoever. In fact, high-grade melamine can look and feel just like real porcelain or ceramic, depending on the thickness.

We must mention that the overall quality of the melamine tableware can influence its look and feel as well. There are also various finishes that can be used for this kind of tableware. For example, melamine tableware with a high-gloss or a polished finish is bound to look fancier.

Does Melamine Tableware Contain Any BPA?

Most manufacturers that produce melamine tableware keep it BPA free. In fact, most table and dinnerware these days do not contain any BPA anymore, as most manufacturers are trying to avoid it.

Melamine is a material that has been declared as a food-safe plastic, this means that it can be used to serve and prepare food safely. When you purchase melamine tableware or dinnerware, we do recommend checking the product description first. Certain types of melamine tableware can be used in the regular microwave or oven, but they might not be suitable for specific cooking conditions. So, it is always better to check.

Is Melamine Tableware Designed For Indoor Or Outdoor Use?

Because of its outstanding durability, you can use this tableware indoors and outdoors. It has excellent protection against breaking and chipping, which makes it suitable for barbecues, dinners and even picnics.

In some cases, this kind of tableware is used for outdoor weddings. As you can encounter some annoying weather elements such as wind, the last thing you need is your beautiful porcelain or ceramic plates breaking. To counter this particular problem, many people are now choosing the more durable melamine instead. Of course, this is always a personal choice and you must consider the quality of the tableware you obtain.

How Easy Is It To Maintain Melamine Tableware?

Even though there can be differences according to the manufacturer of the tableware, most melamine tableware is extremely easy to maintain and clean. It is a non-porous material with a natural stain resistance, so you will find it quite easy to rinse these plates and bowls of.

Most melamine tableware is dishwasher-safe, which means you can place it in the dishwasher without much trouble. However, we always recommend checking the product description for any special instructions in regard to cleaning and maintenance.

The Offer Of Melamine Tableware At Spotlight

Spotlight has quite the extensive range of melamine tableware. We have oval plates, serving bowls, trays, tumblers and loads more. Our tableware is also available in various colours and finishes, ensuring you get the exact look you are after. Spotlight also offers tableware with extensive patterns and designs, so you will never be disappointed when you shop from our collection.

At Spotlight, you can count on the lowest prices in New Zealand. If you are looking for high-quality melamine tableware with the low prices to match, you can find some amazing deals in our range on a regular basis. Check out the collection today and benefit from some great tableware.



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