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Your little man will be able to strut his stuff in style when you have filled his wardrobe with the stylish clothes that you can make from our huge selection of boy's clothing patterns. Whether you are looking for everyday cool, fashionable formal wear, fancy dress costumes, sleepwear, or anything else, make the coolest clothes for boys with patterns, available now at Spotlight's unbelievably low prices.

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Discover The Latest Boy's Clothing Patterns At Spotlight!

Spotlight provides one of the most extensive catalogues with patterns for children's clothing. We even have an entire section that solely contains boy's clothing patterns. Whether you are looking to create some formalwear or just some clothes to deal with their grow spurts, our range of patterns is bound to prove useful.

What Boy's Clothing Patterns Are Available At Spotlight?

At Spotlight, crafters can obtain a large variety of boy's clothing patterns. In our extensive catalogue, customers can find patterns for formal attire, costumes, shirts, pyjamas, jackets, and much more. So, no matter how extensive the project you have in mind, you can always find a matching pattern online.

Which Fabrics Should I Choose For Boy's Clothing?

Before you start choosing your fabrics for boy's clothing, there are many things to consider. Remember, the clothing worn by a little boy is not necessarily the same as those worn by an adult. Therefore, here are some of the things you must consider. One of the most important things to remember with fabrics is their maintenance. If you intend on using a fabric to make children's clothing, the fabric you choose should be easy to maintain. Kids love to play outside and get dirty while doing it. So, choosing fabrics that are difficult to maintain makes no sense.

The type of clothing you are going to make can influence your choice of fabrics too. For example, if you intend on making clothing a little boy can wear daily, you should choose durable materials such as cotton or polyester. One of the best fabrics for children's clothing is lawn cotton. As the name suggests, the fabric is made from 100% cotton. It sports properties such as a high thread count and a light weight, making it more than suitable for boy's clothing.

Crafters can also use so-called broadcloth for boy's clothing. Broadcloth is made from a cotton or a cotton blend, providing some of the properties that are commonly associated with cotton. However, broadcloth does deliver something extra, a luscious texture surface with a fine rib. Therefore, this kind of material can be used for shirts and trousers. Having to deal with the constant grow spurts of your children can influence your wallet, but you could save some cash by choosing a fabric that has a little stretch - this allows boys to wear their new clothing a little longer.

The material that can add some stretch to your crafted boy's clothing is jersey knit fabric. The knit of the fabric allows more freedom of movement, which also makes these clothes among the most comfortable available. Naturally, due to the stretch of the material, it can also prove useful for those grow spurts. Jersey knit fabric is a material that comes with a number of variants, so it is likely you will encounter many options available to you. Popular choices for boy's clothing include interlock, double knit and cotton spandex.

Making clothing that will protect your child against the cold also demands a good fabric. Fortunately, fleece will meet those requirements, as it is one of the favourite warmer fabrics out there. Fleece is often used as an alternative to wool. While wool is still an option for children's clothing, it is a lot harder to maintain than fleece. So, crafters who wish to make some warm clothing for their little boy will find that fleece can be more advantageous.

For children with a lot of sensitivities and allergies, you have to be extremely careful on the fabric you choose. If you are making clothing for a little boy that regularly suffers from allergies or skin sensitivities, a material such as microfibre might be best. Microfibre is a manmade material, so it tends to be more durable than some of the other natural fabrics out there. Manmade materials tend to be hypoallergenic too, which makes microfibre the best choice for boy's clothing.

Does Spotlight Provide Fabrics For Boy's Clothing?

Spotlight provides a lovely range of boy's clothing patterns, but we also provide a good range of fashion fabrics. If you still require fabrics for your project, be sure to head over to our fabric section and check out the amazing options we have to offer you.



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