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Frequently Asked Questions About Millinery Answered!

Have you picked up millinery recently and browsed our range of components to get some inspiration? During your quest for new designs and the latest components, we have no doubt that you are looking to get some common questions answered about millinery as well. So, why not read through our frequently asked questions overview below while you shop for new components?

How Do I Extend The Lifespan Of A Crafted Hat?

When you make a hat and put your heart and soul into it, you want your hat to last as a long as possible. Naturally, there are some tricks you can implement to increase the lifespan of your hat, which will depend on the material you use.

Using special fabric and material care before you finish your hat will certainly contribute to its long lifespan. Still, one of the most important things for your hat's lifespan is keeping it completely free from dust. So, whether you decide to brush the material or used compressed air, it can all be done to keep your hat dust-free.

The storage of your hat can also determine its longevity, so you must make sure you have an appropriate storage location for your made hats. Fortunately, there are dedicated hat boxes that are relatively inexpensive that you can use for this particular purpose.

How Do I Determine Hat Size?

Measuring the size of someone's head is a little more complicated than measuring a chest or an abdomen. That being said, with the proper skill and know-how, you will become a pro in no time at all.

To measure someone's hat size, use a flexible tape measure. Place the tape measure around the hat, with the tape going above the ear and across the middle of the forehead, this will provide you with the most exact measurements. Also, make sure you keep the tape measure tight during this process, but not too tight, this could cause the hat to be too small once it is made.

Taking hat measurements can also be subject to how the hat will sit. So, if the overall design of your hat will deviate from the standard quite a bit, make sure you incorporate this into the measuring process. If you are making a hat for the first time, it is always best to start with standard measuring and techniques until you become more proficient.

What Fabrics And Materials Are Used To Create Hats?

There are an endless number of fabrics and materials that can be used to create hats. Below, we will describe some of the most common fabrics used for hats, so you can start on your first project with any of these materials.

The most common material used in millinery is felt. Felt is a non-woven material. Instead, the manufacturer will use specific fabric fibres and press them, this creates a soft material with quite the interesting texture.

Naturally, there are some variants on basic felt these days, this due to the various fibres that can be used to create the material. You can encounter wool felt made from sheep's wool, but also fur felt made from rabbit fur. The possibilities are quite diverse.

While it may not be the first material you think about when it comes to the creation of a hat, straw is a popular option as well. Straw hats are commonly associated with holidays and sunny weather, so if you would like a new straw hat that has a bit of personality, why not try working with this material.

Aside from these two common materials used by milliners, there are other materials that are used by more advanced milliners. These materials are: leather, cotton twill (washed or brushed), denim, mesh, and even horse hair. So, once you become more experienced at millinery, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Which Millinery Supplies Can Be Found At Spotlight?

Spotlight provides the full range of millinery supplies, so you can count on us to deliver everything you need for the sharpest price. We also provide supplies for other crafts, so if you embark on another project in the future, be sure to return to Spotlight and benefit from our amazing discount prices.



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