Specialist Fasteners

If you are a keen dressmaker or want to repair some of your clothing, then take a look at this range of specialist fasteners and other handy dressmaking accessories from Spotlight. As well as bra straps, lingerie elastic, hooks, and fasteners, the range also offers some other useful items. Here you can find replacement sew in and iron on pockets, bra cups in various shapes, extender hooks for bras and other clothing, suspender clips, bikini hooks and bra underwires. Just a small selection of the large collection of fasteners available at Spotlight.

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Useful Accessories For Your Sewing Projects

When you get into sewing, you will notice that there are a bunch of accessories you could add to your collection. From specialist fasteners to sew-in pockets, there are a lot of things you can obtain these days. Of course, not everyone is familiar with all the available accessories, so let us take a look at some brilliant accessories you could incorporate into your sewing projects.

What Is A Shoulder Strap?

One of the accessories you should certainly stock up on is a shoulder strap. In fact, having a couple of shoulder straps in your collection could certainly prove useful.

Shoulder straps can be used for many things in sewing. They can be used to create your own bra, or even create a camisole with a unique twist. You can even use some unique shoulder straps to create your own handbags. There is no limit to what you could use these for.

What Is A Repair Pocket?

Most pants and jeans come with pockets. Now, it can happen that pockets start to wear out over time, creating holes and rips. Naturally, this is the last thing you want when you store some important things in your pocket.

By stocking up on some repair pockets, you can replace those worn-out pockets and make your existing pants or jeans as good as new. Of course, it is always a good idea to look at the available options, as repair pockets can come in various sizes. Always obtain a selection of several pockets to always have a suitable one on hand.

Please note that a repair pocket is not the only type of pocket you can obtain from Spotlight, since we also provide sew-in pockets. If you are currently sewing your own pair of jeans or pants and want to add a pocket or two, our sew-in pockets could be just the accessories you need.

What Is A Lingerie Fastener?

Having a bra that fits perfectly is one of the most valued items for the modern woman, so it is no surprise that many women create their own bras for maximum comfort. Of course, creating a bra requires more than just a bra strap, as you will require a good fastener as well.

At Spotlight, customers can obtain a variety of fasteners for their projects - this includes a lingerie fastener. The lingerie fastener is commonly used for bras, but other applications are possible too - this could include a homemade corset. If you intend on making some lingerie, we certainly recommend stocking up on lingerie fasteners.

In addition to a regular lingerie fastener, customers can also count on Spotlight for fastening systems such as the extended row hook and the bra clip. Every woman has her preference when it comes to the fastening of their bra, so if you are making your own, we urge you to check the available options to get the most comfortable option possible.

What Is An Elastic Strap?

Elastic straps are accessories you should have a lot of, especially when you consider the large amount of applications associated with these accessories. Elastic straps can be used for garments where a little additional flexibility is required - this includes underwear as well as sportswear. Another good application for elastic is stockings, as additional flexibility is also required here.

We must mention that the use of elastics is not limited to garments. There are a lot of crafting projects that can require an elastic strap. So, instead of obtaining only one elastic strap for your next project, it is certainly recommended to obtain a multipack from Spotlight instead. Also, do not be afraid to obtain different sizes and finishes, as they each provide their own benefits.

What Other Sewing Accessories Are Available From Spotlight?

We mentioned some of the essentials every crafter should have in their collection, but there are many specialist accessories you should include as well. At Spotlight, customers can obtain moulded bra cups, push-up bra cups, bikini hooks, brace clips, wire casing, and a whole lot more.

Want to discover all the accessories that could aid you in the crafting process? Check out the Spotlight catalogue today and uncover a beautiful range of accessories for an affordable price.



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