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Nets and tulles span a wide range of uses, from evening wear to bridal outfits, or even costumes. Explore our range of netting and tulle fabrics at Spotlight.

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Know Your Fabrics! Learn More About Net And Tulle!

There are hundreds of different fabrics you can use for your crafting projects, so even experienced crafters come across a material they are not familiar with yet. Two materials crafters only encounter once they become more proficient are net and tulle. If you do not know these fabrics yet, be sure to read the information provided by Spotlight below.

What Is Net Fabric?

Net fabric refers to a textile material with open spaces between the yarns - this is created by manufacturing techniques such as fusion, looping, or knotting. Since various techniques can be used for netting, you can find net fabrics in many different variants.

What Is Tulle Fabric?

Tulle fabric is a material that is characterised by a fine mesh. It is a fabric that is often used for wedding veils or as dress embellishment. There are also some applications for this fabric in swimwear.

What Is The Difference Between Tulle And Netting?

Net and tulle fabric can look quite similar, so it can be difficult for crafters to distinguish between both materials. Still, even though they look almost the same, there are some differences crafters should know about.

Most netting fabrics are made from nylon. During the manufacturing process, loops, knots, or fusion is used to create the open spaces within the fabric. Tulle, on the other hand, is made with netting with finer fibres - this means tulle will be much lighter than netting. The gaps between the threads in tulle fabric are a lot smaller than those in netting as well. So, while the initial look may be similar, the properties of each fabric can be quite different.

What Do I Need To Consider When I Work With Either Tulle Or Netting Fabric?

Since tulle and netting fabric are a little different from most basic materials, there are some things crafters must consider. Below, we have listed the most important aspects about crafting with these materials. During the cutting process, crafters must consider that tulle and netting fabric have a lot more stretch on its width, not on its length. Of course, the materials do not have a true grain either, so crafters must cut along the length. It is also advised to use a rotary cutter instead of the traditional fabric scissors.

Before selecting the needles for the sewing process, you must consider the overall weight of your tulle or netting fabric. Most crafters will use universal needles of either 60/8 or 80/12. Of course, more experienced crafters can have their own preferences, especially if they are looking to create a certain effect. Once you select your needles, you also have to look at the stitching you will use on tulle or netting. A stitch length of 1.5 - 2.5 millimetre is recommended, but variations are possible depending on your project. You should also check the tension on your thread before starting - this to avoid quilt puckering.

As a beginner, you should also consider the thread material carefully. Polyester might be the easiest to work with, but cotton should be an option too. When in doubt, obtain both and see which one feels easier to work with for you personally. The feet you use on your sewing machine are important too, especially for beginners. Most beginners start with the standard foot of their sewing machine, but you could also obtain a roller foot. Once again, it depends on the techniques you are most comfortable with.

When you are working with netting or tulle, you might need to mark your material. Opposed to other materials, where chalk is used, netting and tulle are best managed with some safety pins. So, make sure you obtain some before you start working with tulle or netting.

Finally, if you intend on ironing a net fabric, take extra care with the iron! Since netting is made from polyester, extreme heat could make the material melt. So, make sure your iron is not too hot or use a pressing cloth instead. Need some of the supplies in addition to tulle or netting fabric? Get everything you need from Spotlight! Check out our extensive catalogue of sewing supplies, accessories, and fabrics, so you can take full advantage of our sharp prices!



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