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Discover our fabulous selection of party tableware at Spotlight, including this extensive range of disposable cutlery and servers. Disposable cutlery is affordable, convenient and available in a wide array of colours. When the party is over, tidy up time will be quick and easy with disposable cutlery, and we have all the cutlery and servers you could ever desire. With such a wide choice available, plus bargains galore across the selection, Spotlight is your number one shopping destination for all your party needs.

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Find The Best Disposable Cutlery for Your Needs

Disposable cutlery has changed over the years. Not only are manufacturers more concerned with the environment, the popularity of disposable cutlery has increased the amount of options available to the consumer. But which disposable cutlery is best for your party? Let's find out!

What Are The Different Types Of Disposable Cutlery?

There are so many materials these days that it becomes difficult to keep up. However, there are some materials that are more common than others. So, let's take a look at the common options you may encounter.

Polystyrene - This is still one of the most popular and most affordable options out there. Polystyrene provides cutlery of decent quality that is less prone to breaking. However, the material is not the eco-friendliest.

Biodegradable plastic - There is such a thing these days as biodegradable plastic and many manufacturers of disposable cutlery have made the switch. This material is made from vegetable fats, vegetable oils and coin starch.

The interesting thing about biodegradable plastic is that they deliver cutlery that looks and feels remarkably similar to the real thing. On the flipside, this type of cutlery can be more expensive and does not do well with higher temperatures.

Wood - This type of cutlery is a great alternative when you are serving foods with high heat. They are reasonably sturdy too, although they are not as strong compared to biodegradable plastic.

Plastic - As a consumer, you will still encounter cutlery made from regular plastic. If you want the eco-friendly option, always check the packet to see if it is made from biodegradable plastic.

While regular plastic is not that eco-friendly, it is affordable and comes in all sorts of designs and colours. As such, this can be a wonderful option for themed parties.

Does Disposable Cutlery Come In Different Weights?

The material is just one aspect to look at when you choose disposable cutlery, because they can come in various weights too. Naturally, the weight of cutlery can influence its overall sturdiness and functionality.

Heavier disposable cutlery can cost a little more than the lightweight versions, but they are more functional in return. They tend to feel more like normal cutlery too, which is great if you do not want your party to look cheap, but do not want to get out your real silverware.

Heavier cutlery usually comes in smaller packs, although you can find affordable multipacks with heavy weighted cutlery at Spotlight. We also provide them in countless colours, which means they will always match the theme of your gathering.

When you want to fool your guests into believing they are having dinner with real cutlery, then be sure to take a look at our disposable weighted cutlery with silver finish. This cutlery looks and feels remarkably like the real thing, and you have less clean-up afterwards.

When Should I Use Disposable Scoops?

When you take a look at our catalogue, you may have noticed a range of plastic disposable scoops. There are various applications for these, especially with the latest trends where parties are concerned. One party theme that could benefit in particular is the so-called candy buffet.

Candy buffets are great for anniversaries, christenings, and other gatherings. Of course, setting up the buffet with the necessary tableware can become expensive quickly, so disposable tableware, cutlery and accessories can become really handy. Our plastic scoops can certainly save you loads, as guests can use them to scoop up their preferred candy. Genuine servers like this would cost loads, so choosing the plastic alternative enables you to spend more on what really matters, quality candy!

Disposable Tableware and Flatware at Spotlight

Spotlight provides the full range of disposable party supplies, so you do not have to worry about your budget or the clean-up after the party. Of course, disposable tableware and flatware does not mean inferior quality, especially since Spotlight only provides the best options.

To get a better idea on what our range has to offer, we urge you to check out the various categories with disposable tableware, flatware, and accessories. We are sure you will find something suitable for your themed party, but also your pre-determined budget.



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