Gift Decorating Ribbon by the Metre

Wrap up your gifts in style, create stunning ribbon decorations, add a fabulous finishing touch to your textile projects, or use ribbon and bows for just about any other craft - the only limit is your imagination. We have gift decorating ribbon in a gorgeous selection of colours, patterns and textures in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Our affordable yet premium quality ribbon is the perfect solution for your gift wrapping dilemma.

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Get Some Premium Gift Decorating Tips From The Experts At Spotlight

Spotlight provides you with all the supplies you need for your gift wrapping. Once you become more proficient at the gift-wrapping process, you may be looking for additional gift decorating tips. If you need some of these tips today, be sure to read on.

Which Gift Wrapping Decorations Should I Use For More Elegant Presents?

Elegance is a look that many people attempt to achieve with their gift wrap. Of course, the gift supplies you use can influence just how elegant your present looks. One of our recommendations is a fine foil gift wrap, which tends to give an elegant look from the start. To finish your gift, you can use some of our ribbon. When you apply the ribbon, we recommend a looser design to complement the elegant look.

How To Gift Wrap And Decorate Oddly Shaped Gifts?

This is a common question we get at Spotlight. Oddly shaped items can be more difficult to wrap and decorate, that's no secret. Still, there are some easy workarounds for this particular problem.

To avoid hassle with oddly shaped items, you can place the item in question in a box, a can, or another container that hides the original shape. You can also manipulate the shape of the gift, this through the use of bubble wrap or even coloured crafting paper. It all depends on what you have available at the time.

What Are The Golden Rules Of Gift Wrapping And Gift Decorating?

When it comes to wrapping gifts, there are always some golden rules to take into consideration. If this is your first-time wrapping presents or gifts, be sure to read through the gift-wrapping golden rules below.

Never show the price - It is considered a faux-pas to leave the price on the gift. If you have spent a lot on a gift, it can often be tempting to leave the price on, just to show your recipient how much you care. However, leaving the price on your present is bad manners. So, before you wrap a present, always make sure that the price tag is removed.

Wrapping options - When you start wrapping presents and look for some inspiration online, you will notice that you can use a lot more than just basic wrapping paper. Nowadays, people can use everything from newspaper, jute and fabric to regular wrapping paper. If you are looking for something a little more original, then it is worth looking at some of the materials you may have in your hobby room already.

Get some gift-wrapping tools - Gift wrapping and decorating becomes a whole lot easier when you have the right tools at your disposal. While most people believe that you simply need some tape and scissors, additional tools such as rotary cutters, tape dispensers and even dedicated paper scissors could make the process easier.

Ensure an even work surface - If you do not wrap a present on an even surface, you will quickly notice that the result leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is a golden rule to wrap your presents on an even and hard surface, for example, a table. Also, do not rush the wrapping process, as this can leave you with unwanted edges or an uneven result.

Name tags - Even if you need a present for a single person, it is considered good custom to add a name tag to the wrapped present. You can purchase name tags in bulk these days for quite affordable prices, so you do not have to spend loads to meet this tradition. That being said, you can make name tags yourself too. Simply check your hobby room for any leftover craft paper.

Decorative tape - While you can wrap most presents in regular tape, you can use decorative tape as well. Decorative tape can eliminate the need for a ribbon, which is great if you are not that good at styling your gift wrap ribbons.

Gift Ribbons By The Metre

Need a large amount of gift ribbon? Or need affordable gift ribbon in a custom amount? Look no further than Spotlight, as we provide beautiful ribbon by the metre. Check out the affordable gift ribbon collection today.



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