Topiary Bases

Why pay for expensive party decorations, when you can make your own pretty topiary balloon trees with the balloons, ribbons and topiary bases available here at Spotlight. Match your colour scheme or theme with these decorative topiary bases, which you can fill with sand, pebbles or other weights to form the basis of a great table centre pieces made from balloons. Check out the wide range of plain and printed latex and foil balloons available from Spotlight, as well as ribbons, clips, sticks and other accessories to make your fabulous balloon display.

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How To Save Money On Party Decorations?

The affordable party decorations at Spotlight are the first way to save money on party decorations. But are there additional things you can do to save money on your party decorations in the future? Check out this money-saving article from Spotlight to save big on your next event or party!

How Can I Save Money On Themed Decorations?

One of the things most people spend the most money on are themed decorations. After all, when you throw a party with a specific theme, you want to make sure the decorations match that theme. But do you have to purchase themed decorations every time? The answer is no.

Purchasing bunting or banners in a variety of colours can save you heaps of money for themed parties in the future. For example, if you have a party with a Frozen theme, then you can use some of your blue banners and bunting to make the theme come together. To fill that out, you can buy a few affordable decorations such as cake toppers or a single Frozen balloon to make the theme clear. In other words, you do not have to purchase all your decorations, only a few select ones.

How Do I Save Money On A Birthday Cake?

Birthday cakes can be notoriously expensive when purchased from a specialist bakery. However, you can still save money on a birthday cake by making one yourself. In fact, baking a cake is much easier than you would think.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to make a birthday cake from scratch. Using a simple cake mix with some affordable cake toppers and your own frosting can safe you a huge amount of money on your cake.

The process of adding frosting on top of a cake is the thing that stops most people from baking their own birthday cake. However, you can even buy pre-rolled frosting these days, so all you have to do is push it against your cake.

How Do I Save Money On Birthday Party Activities?

If you are organising a birthday party for your child, then activities usually take up a large portion of your budget. While many people spend a small fortune on activities, there are much more effective ways to organise interesting activities without spending too much money.

When it comes to activities, you do not have to purchase an expensive afternoon at an indoor playground or swimming pool. Instead, you can organise some fun crafts to do during the birthday party. It even provides the kids with something to take home with them after the party is over.

There are countless crafts that are both affordable and fun to do. For girls, you may want to consider making tiaras by using a combination of chenille sticks, glue, and affordable crafting gems. If you want to focus on food, you could also organise a cupcake decorating activity.

If weather permits, it can also be a good idea to throw a party outside. Not only will it keep people much busier, it also saves a ton on party decorations. The outdoors is a natural beautiful environment already, so it requires little decorating overall.

How Do I Save Money On Invitations?

Paper decorations are great, but they can turn out expensive when you need loads of them. So, the only time where you want to use some paper invitations is for a child's birthday party. Aside from that, you may want to consider digital invitations.

Digital invitations are easy to make and do not cost a thing to send. Of course, you will need the email of your attendees. If you do not, then you can always send a few paper invitations for the guests you do not have the email address for.

Finally, when you need a good amount of birthday party invitations for a child's birthday party, you can save big by getting your invitations at Spotlight. Of course, you can also obtain invitations for adult parties at Spotlight.

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