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Anchor your balloon displays and table or room centrepieces with these helium balloon weights! Discover our party essentials at Spotlight today.

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Party Decoration Essentials You Need To Grab!

At Spotlight, you can find many party decorations that are essential for any party venue. One of those essentials is the balloon weight, which needs to have a theme that fits all your party venue decorations. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice in our catalogue to ensure a perfect match!

In addition to balloon weights, there are other party decorations that are considered as essentials. If you are curious about these decorations, be sure to read on.

What Are Essential Party Decorations For Children's Parties?

Children's parties can be very exciting to decorate for, but that does not make your choice any easier. If you struggle finding the right decorations, here are some of the essentials you must obtain.

Themed cups and plates - Some themed cups and plates always go down well. However, we always suggest obtaining paper or plastic cups and plates. Using some of your fancier plates is bound to end in tragedy, as accidents do happen. So, buy some affordable disposable options instead.

Balloons - You cannot have a children's party without a good selection of balloons. Latex balloons are more than sufficient, but if you are looking for more durable options, you should consider foil balloons as well.

Themed table linen - Protecting the furniture is essential for any venue, but it also ties the decorations together. Therefore, choose some table linen (this can be disposable) to match the other decorations at your venue.

Banners - A banner is the part of your decoration setup that draws all the attention immediately, so always give it a prime location at the venue. You can easily buy these banners at Spotlight, saving you time and effort and eliminating your need to make your own.

What Are Essential Party Decorations For Adult Parties?

Even though we usually associate party decorations with children's parties, adult parties require decorations too. Most adult parties will have more sophisticated and elegant looking decorations though, and this is something to consider when choosing the decorations for a venue.

Table linen - Genuine table linen is the better option here, but this can increase the money you spend on decorations considerably. There are some disposable options that look quite fancy though, many of which are available at Spotlight.

Balloons - The colour scheme of your chosen balloons at adult parties is extremely important. It is vital not to go overboard and stick with the same colour scheme. For example, you could limit it to colours such as light blue and dark blue. If you rather have a little more contrast, you could also choose contrasting colours such as white and black, blue and white, and similar combinations.

Themed Ornaments - A well-placed ornament will put the fancy in any party venue. Ornaments for parties are certainly popular for events such as Halloween, but there are other occasions where you would need some ornaments too. One prime example is a romantic event such as weddings. During these events, you can choose tealight holders, candleholders, or other more subtle yet ambient ornaments for your venue.

Much like genuine table linen, ornaments can increase the price of your party considerably. Fortunately, Spotlight provides many affordable alternatives for party organisers on a venue.

Lighting - The lighting needs to be right during an adult party. In most cases, the lighting will be understated. If you have the luxury of dimmers at your venue, then be sure to turn the light strength down to set the right mood. You can also work with candles and other more understated sources of lighting to make your venue look good.

Streamers - It is important to mention that not all adult parties will have streamers. Nevertheless, it is one of the most versatile decorations out there for any kind of party. It can be used as a room separator, diving your venue into various sections. They can also be used as a wall decoration, solving the problem of naked walls. Finally, they can also be attached or come down from the ceiling, giving the venue an ultra-colourful or decorated appearance. Streamers are available in different colours, so you can use them for elegant events too. For example, colours such as purple and white are often used for weddings.



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