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How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Stockings

When you purchase a perfect pair of stockings, you want them to last for as long as possible. After all, getting those comfortable stockings is not always that easy! But how do you increase the lifespan of your stockings? Whether you have a favourite pair of stockings for a dress-up party or simply as part of your everyday work outfit, here are some top tips to maintain your stockings over time.

How Often Should Stockings Be Washed?

Many of us have turned into neat freaks, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it has led to some common misconceptions when it comes to washing clothing and specifically stockings. Many people believe that stockings should be washed as soon as they have been worn. This is not the case.

The average number of wears before you need to wash stockings has been determined at three. There are advantages to not washing your stockings every time you have worn them too, as frequent washing decreases the lifespan of your stockings considerably. Even though they are somewhat resistant to wear and tear, washing your stockings too frequent can cause rips and tears much earlier.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule when it comes to washing your stockings. If you have spent some time in a dirty environment, then your stockings should be washed without question. If you had an average day without any serious odours or marks on your stockings, you could leave them out for another day.

How Do Wash Stockings?

A lot of people make the mistake of throwing their stockings in the washing machine, right alongside socks and towels. Unfortunately, this kind of washing can decrease the lifespan of your stockings too, as they are likely to get snagged in the machine or on some other clothing.

To avoid damage caused by other clothing or your washing machine, it is recommended to wash your stockings by hand. Simply use a little bit of liquid soap and lukewarm water and give your stockings a good rinse afterwards.

When you take your stockings out of the water, be sure not to wring them. Wringing your stockings causes them to stretch, which means they will not fit as nicely as the moment you bought them. To avoid this problem, hang up the stockings immediately by the waistband and avoid wringing them out altogether.

How Can I Avoid Tears And Rips?

This is a common problem that occurs with stockings and sometimes it cannot be avoided completely. Of course, being careful with your stockings can make all the difference. For example, you can put on your stockings before you put any jewellery on your hands or wrists, as they can easily get caught on your stockings and cause rips and tears.

Another fun little trick to avoid premature tears and rips is by using some hairspray. Yes, you have read it right! Hairspray is a common product used to protect stockings, as it prevents your other clothes from sticking to the stockings and causing any damage. It also reduces the chances of your stockings being snagged by another object in your environment. While the method does not provide a full 100% protection, a light layer of hairspray on the outside of your stockings can increase the lifespan of your stockings considerably.

While you can be careful with your stockings when you put them on, do not be discouraged if you find a rip or tear. Stockings are somewhat prone to this problem, so you will encounter it sooner or later. Still, if you take the proper care, you will get a decent run out of your new stockings.

How Do I Store Stockings?

Storing stockings is relatively straightforward. Simply fold your stockings in half and store them in a safe location, preferably without any other clothing that could get caught on your stockings and cause rips and tears.

Some people tend to roll their stockings into a ball, much like their socks. Unfortunately, doing this will cause damage to the stockings. Not only could it stretch the material and ruin the fit, it may also wear down the elastic on the waistband.

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