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Nylon knitting ribbon can be used for different crafts, such as knitting, crochet, weaving, braiding & macrame. Shop at Spotlight online or in-store.

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What Are Knitting Ribbons And How Are They Used In Crafting?

Once you become more proficient at knitting, you will start to encounter some more unusual materials to craft with. One of the more unusual materials is the knitting ribbon, which can be delivered in a variety of fabric fibres. If you are not yet familiar with knitting ribbon and its purpose, be sure to read through our comprehensive guide below.

What Is Knitting Ribbon?

Contrary to other types of yarn, knitting ribbon - also known as ribbon yarn - has not been around for that long. In fact, this type of yarn was first introduced in the early 2000s and is considered a novelty yarn.

Since knitting ribbon can be made from various materials, you have the consider that the yarn in question can have variable properties. The weight of the yarn can change once it is knitted as well, so you must choose the yarn on more than just yarn weight alone.

What Are The Challenges When Working With Yarn Ribbon?

Because of the nature of yarn ribbon, it will easily turn and twist as you do your knitting. Evidently, this can be rather bothersome for beginners, so yarn ribbon should only be used by more experienced crafters.

It is also important to take the weight of knitted yarn ribbon into consideration. Once it is knitted, it is quite heavy. So, it is not recommended to use yarn ribbon for most apparel applications.

When you knit yarn ribbon too tightly, the beauty of your yarn will not be visible. The same applies to tighter gauges, so try and choose a looser option so you can see your stitches better and do the ribbon yarn some justice.

Finally, we recommend some metal knitting needles for ribbon yarn. It is not easy to knit ribbon yarn with wooden needles, as the yarn will not slide that easily. If you want to make it a bit easier on yourself, then be sure to find some fitting metal needles. Don't have any metal knitting needles yet? Head over to our knitting section in the catalogue to find some affordable ones.

If you really do not like metal needles, you could use some bamboo needles instead. While they do not slide as easily like on a metal needle, you will be able to have better grip than you would with metal needles. So, the choice is down to you.

What Can I Use Ribbon Yarn For?

Even though you might not be able to use it for the average sweater, ribbon yarn does have loads of applications because of its texture. Most crafters will use ribbon yarn to make a knitted belt, a headband, or even a heavier scarf.

Crafters who are worried about the overall durability of ribbon yarn, but do love the look of it, could easily combine this yarn with another natural yarn to add some durability. The stiches and pattern you use can also have an influence on the overall durability of your project, so be sure to take this into consideration.

Why Shouldn't I Roll Up Ribbon Yarn?

Most people will roll up any leftover bits of yarn they have, or roll it back up when they have used a little too much during their knitting project. However, it is vital not to roll up ribbon yarn as this particular material can easily stretch and never return to its normal size. So, once you start with this kind of yarn, try to use the entire ball up instead of rolling it back up.

Yarn Options Currently Available At Spotlight

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