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Discover Beautiful Bowls At Spotlight

For stylish bowls you can always count on, browse the range of small, medium and large dinner bowls at Spotlight. Our dinner bowls come in a fantastic range of colours, textures and patterns, with popular brands such as Casa Domani, Culinary Co. and Wiltshire all available for you to peruse.

The types of bowls you'll find at Spotlight

No matter your meal needs, you can find a bowl for it at Spotlight! Types of bowls you can find at Spotlight include:

  • Coupe bowls: These bowls are more open than most and sometimes have a flared edge around the top. They still have decent depth to them, and they're a good all-rounder bowl for most solid meals.
  • Rice bowls: Small and round, rice bowls are designed to hold a solid serving of rice for one person. Their shape makes them super easy to stack!
  • Pasta bowls: Wide and flat, pasta bowls allow you to effortlessly mix your pasta and pasta sauce together in the bowl.
  • Cereal bowls: Wide with decent depth, a cereal bowl is designed to allow you to cover your cereal with milk without having to add too much of it in the first place.
  • Picnic bowls: Durable, light and easy to clean, our picnic bowls are great for taking with you on the go! They stack easily, making storage in your picnic basket simple, and are the perfect size for servings of salad and snacks.
  • Dipping bowls: These small and shallow bowls hold large amounts of sauce over a shallow surface, making dipping chips, veggie sticks and fried snacks a breeze!

Bowl FAQ

What is a bowl?

A bowl is a piece of dinnerware with a rounded bottom and open top used to eat out of. It's most commonly used for liquid foods (soups and stews), saucy foods (pasta and noodles) and snacks (chips and small lollies). Bowls are usually made of ceramics like porcelain and stoneware, although you can also find hardy plastic bowls for more casual occasions.

What is the best dinner bowl material?

Ceramic is the most common material for dinner bowls, as it is light, polished and easy to wash. Ceramic bowls will be earthenware, stoneware or porcelain depending on how it is fired. For bowls that are harder to break and ideal for young families or outdoor dining, plastic or melamine bowls are a better option.

How big is a dinner bowl?

The standard dinner bowl size is around 20cm in diameter, but this can change dramatically on the type of bowl you have. Rice bowls may be only 15cm in diameter, while large bowls can be as wide as 25cm. Tiny dipping bowls may only be 10cm wide!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have plenty of other handy products for your kitchen and dining room, including:

  • Plates: Perfect for brekkie, lunch and dinner, our plates come in a great range of colours and designs.
  • Loose cutlery: Replace a broken piece of cutlery or just add to your cutlery collection from our loose cutlery category. You can also find chopsticks here!
  • Cutlery sets: The perfect housewarming gift is a cutlery set from Spotlight. They're also an affordable way to quickly bulk up your own stores of cutlery at home.

Browse the full range of loose dinnerware and tableware online today for everything else you need to dine with.

Find the right bowls at Spotlight

You're sure to be bowled over by the range of quality bowls at Spotlight! Shop online and you can pay your way before having your bowls home delivered - otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the perfect bowls for your dining room.

Make sure to consult our dinnerware, servingware and drinkware buying guides to ensure you're making the best purchases for your needs. And for great ideas and inspiration on how to use your new dinner bowls, read our blogs on tablescaping, hosting a high tea party and entertaining outdoors.



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