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Can I purchase Sheer Curtain Fabrics at Spotlight?

If you are planning to make your own sheer curtains, check out our range of sheer curtain fabrics here at Spotlight. With so many different options available we will have the sheer curtain fabric you are looking for. All our sheer curtain fabrics are available by the metre, so you only have to purchase what you need to make your window covering.

We offer sheer curtain fabrics in a variety of drops, styles and colours. This includes our range of Cafe sheer fabrics, which allow you to just cover part of your window or pelmet, adding a touch of softness and elegance to your room. With many designs ranging from plain netting to lace with scalloped edges, we have sheer curtain fabrics to suit every style.

Which fixings do you recommend for my sheer curtains?

Because sheer curtains are lightweight, you will have many options when it comes to fixing the curtains, including:

1. Sew a pocket along the top of the curtain to take a curtain wire that you stretch between the sides of your window and fix either side with hooks and eyes. This curtain wire and the necessary fixings are also available at Spotlight in the curtain accessories range.

2. Sew a thin header tape to the top of your sheer curtains and use plastic curtain hooks to fit the curtains to a track or to the rings on a curtain rod or pole.

3. Buy our sheer curtain fabric with eyelets already fitted, which will simply fit over a curtain pole or rod.

4. Make tabs or loops for the top of your sheer curtains and fit these over a curtain rod or pole to enjoy tab top sheers.

What colours does sheer curtain fabric come in?

Although sheer curtains were traditionally always white, ivory or cream these days you will be amazed at the variety of colours available in our sheer curtain fabrics range. With many modern, bright colours and neutral shades including mocha, stone or black, you can match just about any style, design or colour of interior with your sheer curtain fabric from Spotlight. Some of our cafe sheer fabrics have decorations on them too, ideal for livening up a bathroom or kitchen area.

What else can sheer curtain fabric be used for?

As well as a window dressing, sheer curtain fabrics look stunning behind glass doors, wardrobes or internal glass doors in the home. You can also use them to make a beautiful Princess bed for a little girl or romantic drapes for over a bed. Sheer curtain fabrics are versatile and lend themselves to a variety of uses in and around your home.



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