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Your best washing buddy is a nifty shower or bath caddy that makes sorting your bathroom accessories a breeze.

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Types of bath and shower caddies

Shower and bath caddies come in different shapes, sizes and looks so they do their job while complementing your bathroom design scheme. Just like other bathroom accessories, you should choose the caddy that both appeals and works for you and your family.

Bath caddies

A bath caddy sits across the width of the bathtub to give you easy access to the items you may need while bathing - sponges, soaps, face washers - even candles, books and a drinking glass (because relaxing in a bath should be done in style and never be rushed). The minimalist design of most bath caddies makes them great décor items.

Hanging shower caddies

The most popular type of shower caddy is a hanging shower caddy, which typically loops over the arm of your showerhead or possibly over your taps. It's like removing a coat hanging from the wardrobe to detach a hanging shower caddy, making it very practical for cleaning purposes and also for reducing mould build-up, given it doesn't sit on any wet surfaces.

Over the door shower caddies

An over the door shower caddy uses two hooks that, similar to your hanging shower caddy, loop over the door rather than the faucetry. The two-hook method makes them very stable, and they also last longer than other caddies because they're not subject to the direct water-flow. However, you need an actual shower door - not a shower curtain - otherwise this is not the caddy for you.

Suction shower caddies

If you've got a small shower recess, a suction shower caddy will work wonders for you but it's likely to have a shorter lifespan than other caddies. Even quality suction cups are no match to the minerals in water and, one day, you're likely to find your bath accessories all over the bath or shower mat.

Choosing Caddies For Your Bathroom

Narrow down your choice of shower caddy or bath caddy by deciding what you want to place in your caddy and how much space you will need for your bath accessories. Do you have a lot of tall bottles? Do you need a hook for razors or to hang your sponge or loofah? Do you need more than a single shelf, such as when sharing the shower with other members of the family?

Once you have decided on a caddy type, think about the material. Plastic is lightweight, inexpensive and will do less damage if it falls inside your bath or shower. A wood or bamboo shower caddy can look very attractive but it may not last as long as others, given the damp and humid conditions of any bathroom. You might like the stainless-steel models of caddies that is long-lasting and offers a classic, chic addition to any bathroom.

Just remember, whatever material you choose, your caddy will need to be cleaned often to maintain its good looks because it is constantly being drenched in water, soap and liquids.

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