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Organise Your Bathroom With Bath & Shower Caddies

Shower and bath caddies are a great way to keep all your lotions, shampoos and sponges easily to hand while you bathe. If your shower doesn't feature a built-in recessed space for all your showering essentials, then a shower caddy is a must have addition to your bathroom! At Spotlight, you can find suction shower caddies, bath caddies and over-the-door designs to suit any shower style and decor theme. We have bamboo shower caddies and stainless steel caddies that don't rust, in a range of sizes and designs that will complete your bathroom organisation system.

What Types Of Bathroom Caddies Can I Find At Spotlight?

Shower and bath caddies come in different shapes, sizes and looks so they do their job while complementing your bathroom design scheme. Just like other bathroom accessories, you should choose the caddy that both appeals to and works for you and your family.

  • Bath Caddies: A bath caddy sits across the width of the bathtub to give you easy access to the items you may need while bathing - sponges, soaps, face washers - even candles, books and a drinking glass (because relaxing in a bath should be done in style and never be rushed). The minimalist design of most bath caddies makes them great decor items.
  • Hanging Shower Caddies: The most popular type of shower caddy is a hanging shower caddy, which typically loops over the arm of your showerhead or possibly over your taps. It's like removing a coat hanging from the wardrobe to detach a hanging shower caddy, making it very practical for cleaning purposes and also for reducing mould build-up, given it doesn't sit on any wet surfaces.
  • Over-the-door shower Caddies: An over-the-door shower caddy uses two hooks that, similar to your hanging shower caddy, loop over the door rather than the tapware. The two-hook method makes them very stable, and they also last longer than other caddies because they're not subject to the direct waterflow. However, you need an actual shower door - not a shower curtain - otherwise this is not the caddy for you.
  • Suction Shower Caddies: If you've got a small shower recess, a suction shower caddy will work wonders for you. The suction cups are designed to be super strong and require no drilling, adhesives or permanent fixing in place.

Shower Caddies FAQs

How to clean mould off bamboo shower caddy

Bamboo is a gorgeous golden-hued material that can add a great natural accent to your bathroom decor. It's strong and durable, but as with any natural or porous material, it can be prone to some mould growth in damp or steamy environments. If you have a small outbreak the best way to deal with the mould is to clean it with a solution of water with lemon oil or vinegar. Scrub the caddy clean with a soft brush and gentle soap and allow it to dry thoroughly in the sun. Mix around a cup of water and 3 tablespoons of white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray over the caddy. Allow to sit for 10 minutes before wiping it dry.

Will my metal shower caddy rust?

If you prefer the sleek, shiny look of steel in your bathroom this is a great way to add a contemporary accent to your decor. However, you might be thinking that a metal shower or bathroom caddy may be prone to developing rust. At Spotlight, you can find metal shower caddies by Naleon that are made from stainless steel, and are carefully constructed to be rust-resistant for your peace of mind.

How to remove a suction shower caddy

Installing and removing shower caddies with suction cups is super easy! To install, make sure you have a super clean surface, then position your caddy in place and press the suction cup button firmly for 3 seconds. To remove, simply insert a credit card between the suction cup and the wall surface to release the seal. To maintain maximum adhesion over time, It's recommended you remove the caddy every 2 to 3 months and re-adhere after cleaning the suction cups and wall surface.

Shop Shower Caddies & Bathroom Accessories At Spotlight

Bath and shower caddies are just one of many great bathroom storage solutions from Spotlight. We also have a range of shelves, hooks and rails, and our selection of bathroom accessories includes soap dispensers, soap dishes, tumblers and much more! Make your purchases online and enjoy home delivery for your order, or shop at your local Spotlight store for all your bathroom essentials! For more inspiration for organising your bathroom, make sure you check out our handy bathroom storage buying guide.



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