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Find our mini sewing machines, which are suitable for kids and adults alike. Shop Spotlight's range of toy sewing machines for hobby projects.

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Shop Mini and Kids Sewing Machines at Spotlight

Perfect for small simple projects, hobbyists and youngsters starting out, shop the range of mini sewing machines and hand held sewing machines at Spotlight. They are light and compact, great for moving around a busy playroom or bedroom!

What Are Mini And Toy Sewing Machines?

A mini or toy sewing machine is, at its essence, a smaller and simpler version of a regular manual sewing machine. They can be used for simple stitches and functions, and are great if you need a small sewing machine to travel with for repairs, or if you have someone younger who wants to learn the basics of sewing with a machine. Children's sewing machines usually come with a few basic stitches and two speeds, so kids can get used to the basics of sewing on light fabrics.

When Should I Buy A Mini Or Toy Sewing Machine?

A child's sewing machine won't have all the functions or strength for an adult's projects - instead, they are great for young children and teenagers who are curious about sewing that you don't want on your own expensive machine! Having their own compact sewing machine will encourage young sewers to experiment, explore and take care of their own device, instilling in them good habits that they can continue to improve when they grow up and get their own full-size sewing machine. Small sewing machines are also good if you will be travelling and need a machine that can make simple repairs with you. Rather than worry about carrying around your heavy, full-size sewing machine, take a compact sewing machine with you instead - and enjoy the extra luggage space!

What Other Supplies Should I Get To Use With My Mini Or Toy Sewing Machine?

  • Craft patterns - create cute crafts and fun accessories with our guided craft sewing patterns. Kids will love learning to make their own toys, bags and decorations!
  • Scissors, dyes and accessories - find the tools you'll always need on hand in our dressmaking tools and equipment page, including scissors, markers, dyes, tape and cutting mats.
  • Thread - find a fantastic range of quality threads, needles, buttons and more in our haberdashery section.

Find The Right Mini & Toy Sewing Machines At Spotlight

You can discover a great range of toy and mini sewing machines right here at Spotlight - we're your best stop for mini sewing machines Australia! You can enjoy the convenience of home delivery when you purchase online - otherwise visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team can help you find the right small sewing machines for your needs. Have a child who's keen to get sewing? Get them started on some fun, simple projects like these pom-pom bunnies or this cute hanging toy organiser. Or have a read of Kali's inspiring story, detailing her journey into professional sewing!



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