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It's gooey, it's icky and kids (and kids at heart) can't get enough of it! Yes, it's slime! At Spotlight you can find slime kits, slime ingredients, slime supplies & more to unleash hours of fun for all ages. With its unique look and texture, slime is a liquid and a solid at the same time, so there's no other toy out there that's quite like it. Slime is incredibly popular thanks to its "sensory play" benefits - kids and adults alike love the way slime engages the senses, promotes creativity and offers a soothing and calming effect. Whether you enjoy the sensation of pre-made slime or want to make your own unique slime concoctions, you can find all your slime making essentials in Spotlight's range. Slime is typically made with a combination of craft glue and other ingredients like contact lens solution, borax or what's known as "Magical Liquid" to activate your concoctions.

Make All Types Of Slime With The Right Slime Ingredients & Slime Add Ins

If you're new to the world of slime making, get ready to explore a huge range of different types of slime! With the right slime ingredients and a selection of slime add-ins you can create a variety of different slime colours and textures. Here are just a few of the fun slime variations that are popular with slime lovers:

  • Fluffy slime aka cloud slime: With a beautifully soft marshmallow texture, fluffy slime is a little more solid than its regular slime counterpart. It's made with the addition of shaving cream to create a squishy and malleable sensation. Some slime aficionados choose to add fragrances to cloud slime and fluffy slime for an extra fun sensory dimension.
  • Butter slime: Butter slime is so-named for its smooth, buttery texture. It bends and moulds much more easily than traditional oozy slime. Butter slime is made with the addition of air-dry clay and shaving cream.
  • Crunchy slime: With the addition of foam beads you can create crunchy slime with a super satisfying texture. At Spotlight you can find Elmers Premade Slime Gue Kits complete with crunchy bingsu beads to make your own crunchy slime concoctions.
  • Unicorn slime: By combining a mix of bright colours and pastel tones, you can make beautiful unicorn slime. The addition of craft glitter adds a magical sparkle to unicorn slime creations.
  • Galaxy slime: Galaxy slime is named for its rich blue and purple tones and the addition of glitter for a deep space sparkle. Create stunning galaxy slime with the addition of iridescent glitter or glow in the dark stars.
  • Glow in the dark slime: Luminescent slime will bring hours of fun to your slime play. It's easy to make your own glow in the dark slime with Elmer's Glow In The Dark Glue - check out our free online glow in the dark slime project for all the details!

Slime FAQs

What can I add to slime?

With slime add-ins you can create a huge range of unique slime concoctions. Try adding beads, craft glitter, food colours & flavours, air dry clay, craft gems & rhinestones or even pom poms for additional colour, texture and fun sensations. Explore Spotlight's range of basic craft supplies to inspire a wealth of slime add in options!

Is slime safe for kids?

Slime is generally safe for kids, but this will depend on what ingredients are used in its creation. DIY slimes made with chemicals like borax can be potentially hazardous due to its caustic nature. Ensure your kids stay safe by using slime kits made with non-toxic formulas like Elmer's Premade Slime Gue kits. Another option is to make slime from food-safe ingredients like cornstarch. Slime is not recommended for kids under 3 years of age, and it's important to note that some small slime add-ins may also pose a choking hazard for young children.

How to store slime

It's easy to keep your slime fresh by sealing it in an airtight plastic container or resealable plastic bag. Storing slime in the refrigerator can also limit any bacteria growth which can be introduced by unclean hands. Always wash your hands well before and after playing with slime, and make sure you dispose of it immediately if it starts to change in colour or odour.

How to make slime at home

There are many different methods and recipes available for making your own slime. Keep the process simple by using slime kits that have all the ingredients ready to go! You can also check out our informative article on how to make slime and playdough for hours of homemade DIY fun!


Discover all the slime ingredients, slime add-ins and slime kits you could ever want to make your own slime at home. Spotlight's slime range includes both kits and ingredients to get you started, as well as a fabulous selection of craft supplies to take your slime concoctions to the next level. Check out our free online slime projects for more inspiration and slime recipes! For more ideas on keeping your kids entertained, Spotlight also has kids' art & craft supplies including kids' play dough, games & puzzles and kids' craft & activity kits to help them learn while playing. Shop slime and kids' craft supplies online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order. Alternatively, head into your nearest Spotlight store where you and your little ones can shop for entertaining and educational toys, games, craft supplies and activity kits.



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