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From serving bowls to serving utensils of all different kinds, the servingware you place on your table makes a big impression when you're home entertaining. And platters and serving trays are no exception.

Creating amazing party platters

A party platter that is stacked with delicious foods will have your guests salivating just from the sight of it. There are a few ways you can guarantee party platter success. Here are some suggestions:

Pile it up

Party platters that are full of food, with no space to spare, assault the senses (in a good way). Make sure you choose a platter that matches the amount of food you have displayed so it looks heaped with mouthwatering delicacies - no skimping.

Make it colourful

Not just thinking about the taste of the foods but also the combination of their colours works wonders when it comes to creating party platters with impact. In particular, fruits can offer a rainbow of colour. Think kiwi fruits razor-cut in half and scored mangoes with seasonal berries of all sorts - strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and grapes (white and/or red).

Quality all the way

Your party platter will live up to its appearance if you choose quality ingredients to match. The creamiest of triple brie cheeses, the finest olives in extra virgin olive oil and fresh delicatessen-bought sundried tomatoes will ensure your guests aren't disappointed.

Going with threes

There's something about grouping foods in clusters of three that creates an appealing symmetry on your party platter. Something like three 'roses' of ham, three lettuce cups and three artichoke hearts looks more artistic than if they were separately and individually displayed across the platter.

A small bite is enough

A platter needs to be 'grazeable', which means each portion should be bite-sized so it can be easily picked up and/or skewered without making a mess. If the portions are large, your platter will be too difficult to manoeuvre and, consequently, it's likely to remain uneaten.

Other types of servingware

When thinking through the serveware you may need for your next party, make sure you compliment your serving trays and serving platters with salad bowls, serving utensils and - depending on the occasion - cake plates and stands, and teapots.

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