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When it comes to decorating your walls, plaques and hangings are a stylish alternative to classic framed prints. At Spotlight, you can find a huge variety of wooden wall art, signs, fabric wall hangings and metal wall art to add a rich textural highlight to your interior decor. Wall hangings are a great way to add a 3D element to your walls, and at Spotlight we have everything from etched mandala designs to contemporary metal wall decor to suit a range of decorating themes. Whether you're displaying them as a standalone focal point or creating a gallery wall, hangings and wall plaques can transform any space into something truly special. Shop the range of wall hangings and signs online and in-store today at Spotlight.

Plaques & Hangings FAQs

What is wall decor?

Wall decor is the overarching term used for wall decorations. This can refer to classic framed prints or canvas wall art, but "wall decor" is typically used to describe wall plaques, wall hangings and other textural elements that add style and colour to your walls.

Where can I use wall plaques and wall hangings in my home?

Wall decor like plaques and hangings can be used in the same way as framed prints or canvas prints. Many wall plaques are in the style of written signs, and are a great way to add inspirational messages to any room in your home. Wall hangings featuring natural materials like cord, shells and timber are ideal for adding a soothing element to bedrooms and bathrooms, whereas highly textured wall plaques can create an instant style statement in hallways and living areas.

How do I choose wall hangings?

The most important thing to remember when choosing wall decor is to select something that has meaning to you! Once you've decided on a piece you love, the next most important consideration is the scale of the print, plaque or wall hanging. If you have a large expanse of wall, opt for a large wall hanging to create a focal point above your sofa or dining table. Smaller plaques or hangings are better suited to gallery walls or spaces like hallways or stairwells. Choose colours and textures that coordinate with your furniture and walls for a complementary style statement.

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Create a unique style statement with textured wall hangings and wall plaques from Spotlight. Explore a range of materials, styles and colours to instantly elevate your home interior. Combine your new wall decor with any of Spotlight's extensive wall art range, which also includes canvas prints and framed prints. Inspire your wall art makeover with our informative how to hang wall art at home article, where you can learn how to create a gallery wall and choose the best colours and wall art styles for your interior decor.

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