How do I match curtains & blinds to my home decor?

So you want to purchase or make new window curtains and blinds for your home but you don't know where to start? It's understandable that you're feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it. But there's no need to be.

Before you even head into a Spotlight store or peruse our catalogue online, the first thing you need to do is look at your home itself.

What style of curtains and blinds will suit my home?

If the answer doesn't immediately spring to mind, we've got a few things you need to consider about your home decor that will help you with your curtain design.

Colours, Patterns & Textures


Colours, patterns and textures are the defining features of curtains and blinds so it comes as no surprise that choosing the right design scheme is something everyone labours over. Here are a few tips to help make your choices clearer.


Match your walls

If you love your wall colours, you may choose to match your walls with curtain fabric in a very similar shade, or even just a few shades darker, so not to upstage other elements of a room. This kind of monochromatic approach might sound boring but it can actually be very elegant.

If you don't love the colours of your walls then make sure you change them to a colour you do love before introducing new window treatments. Your walls are the foundation of the room so it will save you time, money and dissatisfaction by having them perfected first.


Go with a solid print or neutral palette

The most popular approach for choosing colours for your curtains and blinds (because it is the safest) is to select a solid print or colour in a neutral palette. This is unlikely to make a design statement or draw attention to your windows but it is a sure-fire way to please diverse tastes and create a sense of harmony. It is an excellent option for a rental property or if you're planning to sell your home.


Contrast your walls

If you're feeling brave, bright patterns or colours that contrast your walls can bring a lot of happiness into the home. This approach will definitely make your window furnishings the centrepiece of the room so you'll want to choose a fabric or pattern that you love - maybe something already used in cushions, rugs or some other element of the room. Small rooms with only one or two curtains are great places to experiment with bold colours and patterns because you're not over-committing yourself if the experiment doesn't work.

Match To Home Decor

Emphasise a colour from the room's design

Many people will select a main colour from the room's design scheme they wish to emphasise and then match it with the curtains.

Clash with confidence

Or you may opt for a pattern or colour in the curtains and blinds that purposefully clashes with the rest of the room. Just beware: you need to have a good design eye to get this approach right.

A general rule of thumb

If you have patterned furniture or bedding, go for a solid colour in your curtains. If you have a solid colour in your furniture, consider introducing patterned window treatments into the room (tiny, intricate patterns can appear as texture on curtains and blinds when viewed from a distance).


Curtains and blinds have distinct benefits and features so it pays to be informed before making a decision for your home. Here are the advantages of both.


With their immense decorative potential, curtains give any home a more luxurious finish, while also protecting soft furnishings from harsh sunlight and helping keep the whole home temperature-controlled and energy-efficient all year-round. And you can always add trims and tassels to your curtains for a personal touch.

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Highly practical and easy to fit and use, blinds offer excellent value for money and take up less space than curtains, which makes them especially appealing for today's apartment living. Blinds are also excellent in areas of high condensation because they're designed to withstand such conditions.

Match To Home Decor

Match To Home Decor

The aesthetic differences between curtains and blinds


When weighing up the design practicalities of curtains versus blinds, keep the following in mind: heavy curtains absorb the light and attract the eye, which means they become a standout feature of a room, while lighter blinds blend into their surroundings and transport light, which will make a small window appear larger.

Most people think it comes down to one or the other when choosing curtains or blinds - but why not have both?

When teamed up with curtains, blinds can function similar to voiles or sheer curtains, which gives a different look to your windows but also allows for more functionality in regulating light and climate control.

Match To Home Decor

A design tip for coupling curtains and blinds


Select one colour from your patterned curtains and then use that shade to match in plain fabric for your blinds.

Apply that in reverse if the patterning is in your blinds instead, whether that be horizontal blinds or vertical blinds.

It's one thing to pick a design scheme for your curtains and blinds but, if it doesn't work from a practical viewpoint, then you're in trouble. Think of it this way:

Window furnishings are not just there to look good.


  • If you have odd-shaped windows, hang curtains above or overrun the sides of the window to make them look higher and wider. Fitting curtains above the window frame can give the appearance of more height/width.
  • While it works to mix & match curtains and blinds across the home, it's best to use the same window treatment on all the windows in the one room.
  • Lining your curtains does more than improve the insulation of your home, it can help improve their drape and overall look, including hiding any noticeable seams and stitches from view.
  • When looking at colours for your curtains and blinds, don't forget the colour of the backing/lining too - you'll want them to look good from the outside of the house, as well as from the inside.
  • If you have bay windows in your home, avoid dressing them in heavy materials as this may stifle the natural light and reduce their appeal.
  • Accessories, such as rods and tracks and trims and tassels, can be just as important as colours and patterns when choosing your window treatments so make sure you incorporate accessories into your finishing touches.

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