Oven Gloves & Mitts

Protecting your hands from hot pans, baking trays and stoves has never been so stylish here at Spotlight! Shop our oven mitts and gloves range today.

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Can I purchase oven gloves and mitts from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have all the kitchenware, tools and accessories that you could possibly desire, including our selection of top quality oven gloves and mitts. Keep your hands protected and prevent any unnecessary burns with one of these fabulous choices. If you like to cook or bake regularly, then good quality oven gloves and mitts are an essential kitchen tool! Shop our range of oven gloves and mitts online today, or call into your local Spotlight store to check out our full range of kitchenware.

What is included in this range?

This range features a wide range of oven gloves and mitts that have been purposely designed to keep you safe when you are handling hot things. Make a style statement with one of the brightly coloured funky designs that we have available. From floral country cottage chic to traditional blue and white stripes, and just about every colour and design in between. Cook up a storm with one of these superb quality fabric options, available in a selection of materials and styles. This range also features a number of silicone options. Silicone is one of the best materials to use for oven gloves, it is more flexible than rubber and can withstand more heat than fabric. If you regularly cook, then investing in a silicone oven glove could be an excellent choice. Whether you are looking for a single glove or double glove, then we are certain that you will find the right one without our selection.

What do I need to consider when choosing my oven gloves or mitt?

Well, that is a matter of personal preference really! Choose the oven mitts or gloves in the style and design that you love best. If you are still unsure, there are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect one for you. First of all, oven gloves and mitts need to provide appropriate heat protection. You will be handling very hot items, and this is its most important function. You should also consider manoeuvrability and durability. If you are regularly moving large pots and trays that are hot, a double glove or pair of oven gloves may be better suited. Also, consider how much you would like to spend on your oven gloves. If you use one regularly then perhaps you would prefer to choose one of our higher-end options. However, with great value deals and Spotlight's guaranteed low prices across the whole collection, our oven gloves and mitt are top quality and affordable

Would an oven glove or mitt be a good gift?

A must for every kitchen, oven gloves and mitts are an essential cooking and baking accessory. If you are shopping for a gift for a loved one that loves to cook, then one of these stylish options could be a perfect choice. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift for a mum that loves to bake or a Christmas present for a husband that loves to BBQ, then oven gloves and mitts are available here, in a range of styles and designs. With fabulous low prices across all of our top kitchen products, you could even pair this gift with a tea towel, kitchenware, or one of our awesome aprons. Any of our kitchen accessories, tools, gadgets or gizmos could complement this gift perfectly

How should I clean my oven glove or mitt?

Well, that depends on which individual product you have chosen, and we always recommend reading the care instructions that come with your new item fully before cleaning it. Always ensure that you have washed your hands immediately after handling raw meats to avoid cross-contamination. Most oven gloves are machine washable, allow your oven glove to air dry and ensure that it is fully dried before storing it.



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