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Our range of sewing machine spare parts include everything you need to replace or repair on your sewing machine. Find spare parts at Spotlight today!

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Where can I buy sewing machine parts online?

Here at Spotlight, we have a complete range of sewing machine parts which includes sewing machine feet that will allow you to create different stitches, as well as spare parts like replacement bobbins and bulbs for sewing machine lights.

How do I check if a sewing machine foot will fit my sewing machine?

When buying a new sewing machine presser foot you have to check if it is compatible with your sewing machine. Modern sewing machines typically use snap-on feet compared to older models which used screw type presser feet. Snap-on sewing machine presser feet can be easily removed and installed by loosening or tightening a thumb screw.

Sewing machine feet can also have either a low shank or high shank height. For domestic sewing machine models low shank presser feet are the most common, while high shank feet are typically used in higher end or industrial sewing machines.

To make sure that you have a low shank sewing machine foot, you can measure from the bottom of the presser foot to the thumbscrew. Low shank feet should be no more than 19 mm in height when measured up to the thumbscrew. A high shank sewing machine foot will be much taller at approximately 32 mm.

What kinds of sewing machine feet does Spotlight offer?

Here at Spotlight, you'll find a large selection of sewing machine feet that will let you make different types of stitches. We sell kits that contain different sewing machine presser feet, as well as individual sewing machine feet. Whether you're looking for a new quilting foot, walking foot, piping foot, roller foot, Teflon foot or zipper foot, you'll find it all here in our Sewing Machine Parts category.

What is the difference between metal and plastic bobbins?

Bobbins are used to hold thread for underside stitches. Most sewing machines come with a couple of spare bobbins so that you can easily switch to a different thread and not waste time winding new thread around an empty bobbin.

Here at Spotlight, you'll find replacement bobbins for different sewing machine brands such as Brother, Elna, Husqvarna, Janome and PFAFF. You can also choose between plastic and metal bobbins.

Plastic bobbins are usually cheaper by a few dollars compared to its metal counterparts. These are usually made out of a transparent plastic which makes it easier to see how much thread is left on the spool without having to take the bobbin out of its holder. However, the edges on plastic bobbins tend to wear out much quicker which leads to stitches not looking straight. Plastic bobbins can also become warped or develop cracks over time.

Metal bobbins are more durable and typically last much longer than plastic bobbins. Metal bobbins can also hold a lot more thread than plastic ones, and many find that it is much easier to thread because they have more thread holes that are easier to see. However, if your sewing machine uses a plastic bobbin case using metal bobbins can wear out and damage the case over time.

How do I pick the right replacement bulb for my sewing machine?

You don't have to wait for your sewing machine light to go out completely before deciding to replace it. A good time to replace it would be when it starts becoming dim.

There are generally two types of replacement bulbs for sewing machine lights, screw in and bayonet type push-in bulbs. You simply need to check the base of your current bulb and see how it is connected to the sewing machine. Most sewing machine replacement bulbs are rated at 15 watts, but there are some sewing machine models that take 3 or 4 watt bulbs.



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