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Looking to create an outdoor dining experience like no other? Shop Spotlight's outdoor dinnerware & tableware for your next picnic, party or barbeque!

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Can I purchase outdoor dining items at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! The ability to dine outside on a sunny day is one of the best parts of summer, so go al fresco whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner with our superb range of outdoor dining ware. Perfect for anything from a simple family meal to a large gathering with friends, we have a variety of products from bright melamine plates and quirky serving bowls to plastic glasses and insulated food and drink canisters.

What type of outdoor dinnerware should I choose?

For many people, outdoor dining involves nothing more than carrying their normal dinnerplates and glassware outside and bringing them back in again after the meal. But if you are dining outside regularly, it is definitely worth investing in some special outdoor dining items to save your best china, as it is easy to drop things when transferring items from inside into bright sunshine outside, or when tripping over steps or thresholds on the way in or out of the house.

Of course, you can go for disposable tableware, but often that does not offer the best experience, especially for hot meals or foods that involve sauces. You are better off using plastic or melamine dinnerware, which can be used multiple times and much of which can these days also be put in the dishwasher if needed. Melamine is not normally microwave-proof, so make sure you check the labels on your products.

Plain or patterned?

Outdoor meals tend to be less organised and more informal affairs, so there is no reason to feel that you have to have matching sets of plates, bowls and cutlery. Opt for a mix-and-match approach or use bright colours and patterns to add a fun feel to your outdoor dining experience.

Plastic glasses

For larger outdoor gatherings or events where kids will be present, having plastic glasses will save on breakages and make everyone feel more secure in the event of inevitable trips and spills. Modern plastic glassware is available in a wide range of designs including tumblers, beer glasses, wine glasses and even champagne flutes. They can be kept and re-used and are also great for picnics and to take to outdoor festivals and other events.

What else is included in the range?

The range also includes handy utensils and wipes for the BBQ, resealable plastic pots and bottles for sauces and dressings, and thermos flasks that will keep foods hot or cold as required - ideal if you don't want to have to keep nipping back into the kitchen for more coffee or cold drinks!

Check out our whole kitchen and dining range for other outdoor dining items too, such as table linens, serving ware, utensils and much more.



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