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The Must-Have Crafting Supplies For Kids

Kids love to craft, so many parents obtain a large collection of crafting supplies for them to use. Of course, certain crafting materials are more popular than others. So, which are the ones that should be obtained by parents? Let's find out below!

Which Drawing Tools Should I Obtain For The Kids?

Drawing is certainly a craft your child will occupy himself or herself with, so some supplies for drawing are essentials to have at home. Of course, your child will also need some of these crafting supplies for their early school life.

Pencils - These are an absolute must for every child. You should obtain some basic grey pencils for drawing, but also some colouring pencils for colouring.

Crayons - You could use crayons as an alternative to basic pencils. It allows your child to experiment with different tools, which in turn could benefit their fine motor skills over time.

Chalk - Every child should have the experience of drawing with chalk. It is also a cost-effective way of drawing, as chalk can be removed from a chalkboard. Afterwards, your little one can create a new masterpiece on the same surface.

Which Painting Tools Should I Obtain For The Kids?

Painting is another craft that children will do frequently, this goes from the nursery years to the primary school years. So, some essential paints should also be in the crafting collection at home.

Water colours - Water coloured paint tends to be a safe option for your little ones. You can get these paints in their traditional form, but you can also get them in liquid form. Naturally, the choice you make depends on the age of your little one.

Acrylic paints - Another essential is a selection of acrylic paints. In fact, these paints will be a basis for colour blending and mixing, teaching your kids more about colour combinations and the colour wheel.

Which Paper Should I Obtain For The Kids?

There are a lot of children's crafts that involve paper. From drawing and painting to creating models, different types of paper should be included in your child's crafting supplies collection.

Construction paper - Construction paper will be used for model building. It is a thick paper, commonly available in different colours, which eliminates the need to apply paint or another colour.

Basic copy paper - Copy paper or printing paper is a versatile paper type that can be used in countless crafts. In most cases, children use this kind of paper to draw on. Of course, they can also be used for folding and crafting projects that require a thinner type of paper.

Crafting Accessories You Should Obtain Too!

Certain crafting materials are not included into a specific category, mainly because they can be used in many different crafts and for many different projects. Below, we have listed some of the materials your child is likely to use in the future.

Chenille sticks - Chenille sticks are commonly used in crafting projects. They are used to create models, but also to put an accent on paper constructs. In some cases, you can have crafting projects that solely consist out of chenille sticks.

Cotton balls - Many crafting projects in schools will involve a selection of cotton balls. They are usually glued on a drawing, this to provide the drawing with some additional texture. For example, if your child draws Santa, the cotton balls could be used for the beard.

Yarn - Yarn is not solely used for knitting and crochet, it also has application in children's crafts. Naturally, children can learn how to knit and crochet once they become old enough, but before that yarn could be used in the same way as cotton balls.

Glue - This is an all-round crafting supply that is needed for many different crafts, this goes from model building to creating a collage. As such, glue you obtain for crafting should be able to glue different materials. All-purpose glue from Spotlight tends to do the trick.

Spotlight provides a large range of crafting supplies for children, this includes all the supplies we mentioned here. As these supplies can be found under different categories, we urge you to check out other sections of our catalogue for a complete overview.



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