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Spray Paint Tutorial For Beginners

Working with spray paint is a little different than working with a traditional paintbrush. Fortunately, there are some easy tips you can use to ensure you get the best result from spray paint, no matter what kind of project you are working on.

How To Make Sure Spray Paint Distributes Easily?

There are various ways to ensure you get the best result from your spray paint, even if you never used spray paint before. Here are some of Spotlight's tips for those working with spray paint for the first time.

Read the instructions

One of the most important things is to read the instructions. Even those who are familiar with spray paint should read the instructions from the manufacturer, as there can always be some special measures you need to take for the best result. Instructions to pay extra attention include the distance you need to keep between the object and the spray paint. It will also tell you how long you need to shake the spray can before you can start the job.

Spray paints can become affected by temperature, and this is something to consider before you start. Check the instructions for temperature and make sure the environment temperature will not impact the spray paint negatively.

The right movement

If you want to get the best results from spray paint, you must make the appropriate movement with the spray can. Do not point the spray can and stay in the same position, as this will provide an uneven result with an unprofessional finish. Instead, make a sweeping motion to distribute the paint evenly over the object.

Check your position

Spray painting an object on the floor can be difficult on your back, especially if you need to spray paint for a considerable time. To spare your back, it is a good idea to put the object on something else, so you do not have to hunch over to spray paint the item you have in mind.

If possible, you should also turn the object as your spray paint it. Not only will this save you a little bit of time and effort, it also provides you with a much more even result. If the object is small enough, you can add it to a lazy Susan and turn it around at the base. Of course, only invest in an item like this if you regularly spray paint small objects. Otherwise, you can just use a simple piece of cardboard.

Of course, placing an object higher is not manageable for some things. If you do need to hunch over to spray paint, make sure to take a regular break so you do not hurt your back.

There are other discomfort issues you can encounter with spray cans as well. One of the most prominent types of discomfort is hand strain, as you have to keep a grip on the spray can for a longer period of time. To avoid problems, you can obtain a special comfort grip from Spotlight, which ensures you do not get such strain and can spray paint comfortably for a time.

Test First

Even if you think you have the perfect bottle of spray paint for the job, it is always a good idea to test your spray paint on a similar material first. After all, you do not want to spray paint the entire object and then having to redo the entire thing because you do not get the desired result. Be sure to hold the test object in different types of light as well, which allows you to examine the colour and the effect a little closer.

If you are not completely happy, try the wet coating technique before you switch to another spray paint. This different technique can still alter the look of your chosen paint.

How To Protect The Floor Against Spray Paint?

While it is tempting to use some taped newspaper to protect your floor, this is the not the best option out there. Even though it is the most affordable, newspaper tends to come apart easily as you walk over it. So, to protect your floor properly against spills and accidents, Spotlight recommends a tarp or a big piece of plastic over the floor.



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