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Enjoy Culinary Co Kitchen Essentials And Dinnerware From Spotlight

For a fantastic range of products for your kitchen and dining room, look no further than Culinary Co! At Spotlight we're pleased to offer you a great range of Culinary Co products, all designed to make the cooking and serving process so much easier.

What you can find from Culinary Co

Culinary Co has products that can be used throughout the kitchen and dining room. This is just a small taste of what you can discover in the Culinary Co range:

  • Bakeware: Culinary Co's beautiful ceramic baking dishes can be used for making lasagne, meatloaf, puddings and other large baked goods.
  • Servingware: Entertaining is easy with Culinary Co's range of servingware, which includes large serving utensils, salad and dip bowls, serving boards and more.
  • Glassware: You can find large glass carafes, bottles and jugs here, perfect for pouring drinks for many people at once, indoors or for outdoor dining!
  • Dining plates: Dine in style using any of Culinary Co's stylish stoneware dinner plates. Look for a Culinary Co dinner set to get matching plates for your home!
  • Kitchen linen: You can find tea towels, oven mitts and aprons from Culinary Co in a variety of cute colours and styles.
  • Food storage: Keep your sugar, flour, coffee and biscuits safe but within reach in any of Culinary Co's eye-catching storage tins.
  • Mugs: Sip your hot beverage of choice from any of Culinary Co's beautifully designed mugs.

Culinary Co FAQ

What is Culinary Co?

Culinary Co is a kitchenware brand that offers a wide range of kitchen and dining products to customers, boasting a good balance between stylish design and clever function. The range includes dining ware, kitchen storage, servingware and kitchen linens.

Are Culinary Co chopping boards good?

If you like wooden boards for chopping your food, Culinary Co has a wide range for you to choose from. Wooden boards won't blunt your knives when you chop on them, they're durable and the natural antibacterial properties of wood will help keep your board healthy - along with good cleaning of course!

Does Culinary Co offer kitchen storage?

If you want to take advantage of your bench space for some storage, Culinary Co's storage options are what you need. Their stylish storage tins have a wonderfully rustic design and come pre-labelled so you can use them straight away.

What Else Can I Find in the Kitchen and Dining Category At Spotlight?

You can discover a fantastic range of kitchen tools and accessories at Spotlight, including:

  • Kitchen linen: Keep your kitchen clean with our range of kitchen linens, which include oven gloves and mitts, full and half aprons, tea towels and pot holders.
  • Kitchen storage: Maintain your ingredients and leftovers in prime condition using our range of high-quality kitchen storage containers, tins and baskets.
  • Food preparation: Correctly preparing your food makes the cooking process so much easier! Chopping boards, kitchen knives, mixing bowls and thermometers.

Make sure to browse the full range of drinkware, servingware, tableware, table linen and cookware online!

Find the right Culinary Co cookware at Spotlight

Ready to grab your Culinary Co cookware? Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your Culinary Co cookware straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the best Culinary Co dinner sets, kitchenware and food prep products for your needs. Before making your purchases, have a read of our buying guides on kitchen utensils, cleaning and storing glassware, dinnerware, servingware, drinkware and cookware. And for event ideas and inspiration you can use your new cookware at, check out our blogs on hosting a high tea party, throwing a Hawaiian theme party and how to host a 70's theme party at home.



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