Food tastes better with the right tableware - from plates, bowls, crockery and grinders to dinnerware sets that have it all in one.

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Dinnerware and tableware for every home

Crockery and dinnerware sets

From elegant whites and neutral tones that match just about anything to patterned and coloured dinnerware sets, your crockery is central to the look of your dining table. Choose dinnerware that you love to elevate your everyday eating experience.

Dinner plates and bowls

Dinner plates and bowls come in different looks and levels of durability. You might like the elegance of china, the strength of earthenware, the versatility of porcelain or the toughness of melamine, and you may opt for different plates and bowls for fine dining versus daily meals.


While you can still get traditional stainless steel cutlery sets, you may be surprised by how cutlery has come a long way in recent years. For instance, deco gold cutlery can make a huge impact on the table at your next dinner party. And don't forget the chopsticks!

Salt and pepper grinders

Shake, grind or crack your favourite seasonings to bring out the best in your meals with stylish and contemporary salt and pepper grinders, shakers and mills.

Set your dinner table like a pro

Given your table is the focal point of the dining room, it's worthwhile following some easy-to-remember guidelines for setting your table properly.

It all starts with a dinner plate in the centre of the setting. Knives, forks and spoons should then be placed on the table in order of use, starting from the outside and working inwards with each course (as a rule of thumb, your knives and forks for the main meal should be closest to the plate). Forks go to the left of the plate, soup spoons and knives go to the right. Knife blades face toward the plate, and spoons sit outside the knives.

For formal occasions, the same guidelines apply. However, salad and main forks should be placed on top of an ironed and folded napkin. Glasses for water, and red and white wine glasses sit at approximately where 1 o'clock is on a clock face.

To finish off your formal setting, a salad plate and soup bowl should be placed on top of the dinner plate, while a bread & butter plate with a knife laid across it is placed at 10 o'clock.

Top table setting ideas for a wonderful dinner

For a modern twist on a classic table setting, choose white tableware with colour accents or coloured rims for simple elegance without compromising style. Change things up with square-shaped dinner plates in place of traditional round plates as a twist on the usual.

For formal occasions, gold trim on dinner plates and serving trays, and gold finishes on your cutlery gives your table setting a luxe flavour. Less is more when it comes to glassware. You'll find that wine glasses and tumblers without fine detailing or patterning are more versatile and suited to every occasion.

There's so much you can do with your tableware when it comes to table settings, so make sure you check out our guide to creating an unforgettable dining table for even more helpful tips and hacks to inspire you the next time you're hosting a dinner event.

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