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Do you want to make some garments which will stand out when you wear them? Then shop Spotlight's range of women's dressmaking and sewing patterns now!

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Create Beautiful Clothes With Ladies' Dress Patterns From Spotlight

Want to make your own clothes, or gift a handmade garment to a loved one? Then you'd better take advantage of the amazing range of women's clothes patterns at Spotlight! Our sewing patterns for women cover a huge range of garment types - no matter if you want to make a simple shirt or an elegant dress, we've got the women's dress patterns you need right here.

What kinds of women's dress patterns can you find here?

We have many different kinds of women's clothes patterns available - make simple garments like shirts, pants, skirts and dresses, or more complicated jackets, rompers, bridalwear and special occasion outfits.

You can also find patterns to make specialty clothing like swimsuits, sleepwear, lingerie and maternity clothing, or stunning vintage outfits you won't be able to buy in stores!

Women's Sewing Patterns FAQ

What are women's sewing patterns?

Spotlight's women's sewing patterns are used to create garments and accessories tailored to those after a more feminine look. They include traditional ladies' clothing like dresses and skirts, as well as garments worn by everyone like shirts, pants, coats and jackets.

How to read dress patterns

Most dress patterns will feature three things: written instructions, physical templates and images of the finished garment for you to refer to. You will use the written instructions to sew the garment together, while the template is used to cut out your fabric pieces to the correct size. Some dress patterns may not have a seam allowance included, so make sure to cut a little extra around your template if this is the case.

Continue to refer to the step-by-step images and the image of the end product to make sure your project is heading in the right direction.

How to cut dress patterns

When cutting out your fabric shapes using the template, you must always use fabric scissors, rather than paper scissors or your kitchen shears. Creating a clean, sharp cut is vital to ensuring your fabric's edge isn't overly frayed, and you won't get this using your everyday craft scissors.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have even more clothes patterns for you to go through, including

  • Men's sewing patterns: Make some clothing for the man in your life with our quality men's sewing patterns! You can find patterns for shirts, shorts, pants, coats, vests, sportswear and more here.
  • Kid's sewing patterns: We have a great range of clothing patterns for kids and babies, including rompers, sleepwear, tops, pants, dresses and shorts.
  • Costume and pet sewing patterns: Dress up your pet, or yourself, with our costume and pet sewing patterns! Pets will love their hand-made coat, hat or bed, and you'll be the highlight of the party in any of our colourful costumes!

Make sure to browse the full range of sewing and fabrics to get all the sewing supplies you need for a great price.

Find the right women's sewing patterns at Spotlight

Ready to start sewing? Browse the full range of women's dress patterns online, pay your way and we'll deliver your ladies' dress patterns straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop in person.

Make sure to read our buying guide on paper patterns for a more in-depth look at how to use our clothes patterns. And for more amazing projects you can make, browse our clothing projects, baby projects and sewing projects online!



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