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Relax and Invigorate Your Senses With Beautiful Candles

Candles are an easy way to get a little light and warmth into your home, and can turn a cold and bare room into a cosy one. At Spotlight we have a stunning range of candles for the home, with many shapes, colours, wax types and aromas available for you to choose from!

Whether you have some floral-scented jar candles for your bedroom, some impressive tall tapered candles for your dining table or small tea light candles for your next party, we've got the candles you need right here.

Quality Candle Brands You Can Find At Spotlight

Spotlight stocks candles from all your favourite brands, including:

  • Yankee Candle: This famous American brand is known for producing brightly coloured candles with unique scents in beautiful glass jars. Enjoy Yankee Candle classics like pumpkin doughnut, cinnamon swirl, citrus fizz and cupcake party in your home - with aromas good enough to eat, these scented candles are great for parties and special occasions!
  • Scentsia Candles: The candles on Scentsia are some of the most visually impressive, with a range of colourful jars available that will look fabulous even when the candle isn't lit. This doesn't mean they're lacking in the scent department though! Look for classic scented candles like frangipani and lavender, alongside more unusual scents like raw linen and ocean storm.
  • KOO: Perfectly suited for the modern-styled home, KOO's luxury candles come in simple but stylish frosted white glasses. With aromas like vanilla, french pear and jasmine available, they're ideal for use every day to keep your home smelling delightful all day long. KOO also offers uniquely shaped candles that can be used just for decor.
  • Natio Candles: These lovely scented candles make the perfect gift for someone special or for adding elegant ambience to your own home.

Candles FAQs

What is a candle?

A candle is an object made of wax, either in a jar or glass to free-standing. A centre wick, which protrudes from the top of the candle, can be lit and will burn for hours on end, providing light and, if it was added to the wax, scent as well. Candles are usually round or pillar-shaped, but in reality can be crafted into many different shapes using a mould during the creation process.

How to decorate candles?

Any colours or internal decorations must be added to the candle during the creation process. Special dyes and fragrances for candles can be added during the candle creation process as the wax is being melted, while physical additions like flowers can be added to the inner walls of your mould using a little melted wax before pouring the rest of the wax in. Make sure any decorations you are putting in your candle, like flowers, are totally dry, as water can not only mess with your candles' stability, but can also cause fresh flowers to rot in the wax.

How to style candles in your home?

Candles can be used in many ways to add dimension and elegance to your home. Popular places for candles include on the coffee table, dining table, hallway table or above the fireplace.

Find the Right Candles and Home Fragrance Essentials You'll Love

We have a vast home fragrance range and home decor to add light and style to the home at Spotlight, including:

  • Candle holders: Add height and splendour while protecting your surfaces from wax drips with any of our candle holders. Choose from glass, metal and plastic candle holders in a range of colours to suit your chosen candles.
  • Fragrance diffusers: Want all of the aroma but none of the fire risk? Try using one of our stylish fragrance diffusers! Pair with your favourite essential oil and enjoy long-lasting, wide-spreading scents throughout your home.

Ready to bring your next candle home? Shop the range of candles online, where you can quickly pay and have your candles home delivered. Otherwise, visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right candles for your home. Make sure to read our home fragrances buying guide for more information on all the candles and diffusers you can find at Spotlight. And if you're interested in making your own candles, be sure to read our beginner's guide on making candles at home!



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