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Encourage your kids to stay hydrated with Spotlight's range of drinkware decorated with every kid's favourite cartoon, film or TV character. Shop now!

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Can I purchase kids drinkware at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! It has never been easier to encourage your kids to stay hydrated during school, sports events and hot days. Simply make sure their water or soft drink is contained in colourful drinkware decorated with their favourite cartoon, film or TV character. Here at Spotlight, our range of kids drinkware includes both plastic and stainless steel drinkware in different sizes and with various types of spouts.

Why should I use these drinks bottles?

As well as making it more likely that your kids will remember to drink their water or soft drinks during the day if you put it in fun bottles, using these re-usable bottles will also save you money when compared to buying individual bottles and cartons of drinks. You can also make sure your kids are drinking healthy alternatives to many shop-bought sugary drinks.

How much should kids drink each day?

The recommended daily amount of fluids is:

  • 5 glasses (1 litre) for 5 to 8-year olds
  • 7 glasses (1.5 litres) for 9 to 12-year olds
  • 8 to 10 glasses (2 litres) for 13+ years

According to researchers, the best drink to quench a thirst is water! Even better, it has none of the sugar, found in fruit drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks and flavoured mineral waters, which can cause tooth decay. Also:

  • The fluoride in tap water helps you develop strong teeth and bones.
  • Tap water is also a lot less expensive than other types of drinks.
  • Plus it's always available, so no need for a trip to the shop.

Fruit juice, which contains Vitamin C, is often seen as a healthy choice of drink. However, fruit juice is high in sugar and kilojoules, just like fruit drinks, flavoured mineral water, energy drinks and soft drinks. For example, a 250ml cup of apple juice or cola contains up to six teaspoons of sugar. Add it up: just one can of soft drink per day means you're adding 18 kilos of sugar to your diet each year!

Does Spotlight sell other items for kids too?

Yes, you can also find specially designed kids tableware here as well as a great selection of lunch boxes, back packs and more, so if your child is due to start a new term at school, is joining a sports club or needs to take a packed lunch on trips, you can find many matching items with their favourite cartoon characters here at Spotlight.



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