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The appeal of an art journal

In today's digital world, many people choose blogging and social media platforms like Pinterest or TikTok to channel their creative pursuits. But there's nothing quite like the old-fashioned art of journalling and keeping visual art diaries and art pads as a private, intimate space for unfettered creative expression.

A visual art diary or art journal, sketchboard or art pad is much like a written journal, except it incorporates colours, images, patterns and other visual inspirations. Some art journals contain a lot of writing, while others are purely filled with images. The main thing with visual diaries is there are no rules: 'draw' from art sets, drawing supplies and paint and painting supplies to fill yours with whatever takes your fancy and scratches your creative itches.

As well as an outlet for your creative urges, many users derive a sense of comfort and peace of mind from the therapeutic benefits of keeping a visual art diary. A simple way to express and understand your thoughts and internal emotions, an art journal can function as the perfect antidote to the noise, chaos and stress of modern life.

Whether it's for recording ideas and inspiration as they strike or as a space for creative self-care, starting your own visual art diary is simple and inexpensive. Begin with an unlined journal, sketchbook or art pad. Next, choose some purpose-designed art pencils, and pens and markers and acrylic and watercolour paints and brushes. If you plan on doing collages, add some glue and adhesives to your toolkit.

Ideas to get you started

Many people add content to their journal by attempting a self-portrait, expressing a favourite or important childhood memory, capturing the sensations of their ideal holiday spot, creating a mood board for an aspirational goal or decorating project (i.e. garden landscaping or new bathroom renovation), putting together a collage of their professional or personal life goals - drawing animals, leaves or flowers from a walk or hike, compiling their favourite recipes meals, creating a unique album for photos of friends, family or life events… the list is endless!

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