Love curling up into bed with cuddly pillows? Shop Spotlight's delightful range of soft, fluffy pillowcases to put on your pillows & european pillows!

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Can I purchase pillowcases at Spotlight?

You certainly can! In fact, Spotlight is one of Australias leading suppliers of household linens and we pride ourselves on the large collection of pillowcases available on line and from our stores. From pillowcases to match our range of sheets and duvet covers, to decorative pillowcases and even specialist sizes for European pillows, Body pillows and V-shaped pillows, to name but a few. Pillowcases are available singly, but also in many cases as part of sheet sets or duvet cover sets, which means that you can mix or match to suit your decor and taste.

Which pillowcases do you recommend?

The best pillowcase for you will depend on many things such as your taste, lifestyle and budget. Pillowcases have to deal with stains from food, make-up, sweat and sometimes creams or even hair dye, which means they can wear more quickly than sheets, and some people prefer to purchase an extra pillowcase or two with each set of bed linen for this reason. If you like the look of decorative pillows on your bed, check out our many European pillowcases, many of which can be mixed and matched with our bed linen ranges.

What different styles of pillowcase do you offer?

Most standard pillowcases in our bed linen range will be the simple, envelope style pillowcase that is normally referred to as a Housewife Pillowcase. Some ranges also offer a pillowcase with a flat edged border, often called an Oxford Pillowcase. European Pillowcases differ in size to standard pillowcases as they are square rather than rectangular. V-shaped Pillowcases are specifically designed for the V-shaped pillows that some people prefer as neck support, and are available in a range of colours here at Spotlight, as are the larger Body Pillowcases which measure 48 cm x 150 cm.

Which materials do pillowcases come in?

Most standard pillowcases will be made from 100% cotton, as this is a natural, breathable material ideal for bed linen. Some of the more budget friendly ranges may include polyester or poly-cotton pillowcases, which are hardwearing and easy to care for but will not offer quite as much airflow as cotton materials do. Some of the decorative pillowcases can be made of polyester, velour or chenille, or may even be quilted. Please refer to the description or labels of individual pillowcases for details.

How do I care for my pillowcases?

Standard pillowcases will nearly all be suitable to be machine washed, although it is always wise to check the label before the first wash. Manufacturers often recommend washing bed linen before first use, and it is important to keep dark or vibrant colours separate, particularly for the first few washes. Decorative pillowcases that are made from different materials may have different laundry instructions and may shrink if machine washed or tumble dried, so please take care to read the label. Textured, printed or quilted pillowcases should always be ironed inside out if the label says they can be ironed, or dried flat if not.



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