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Discover Classroom Organisation & Storage Ideas At Spotlight

Classrooms require a huge amount of organisation. In fact, many teachers often spend hours trying to make their classrooms more streamlined, only to find that the same mess appears at the end of the day. Fortunately, Spotlight is ready to help with a limitless range of storage solutions as well as top tips to keep the classroom organised. Our extensive selection includes classroom storage trays, storage tubs, multifunctional storage caddies and containers, rolling trolley organisers and so much more! Explore the range of classroom storage ideas online at Spotlight, where you can discover fabulous storage solutions for classrooms, art studios, kids' playrooms and more!

What Can I Find In Spotlight's Classroom Storage Range?

  • Storage Stands & Wheeled Carts: Keep your essential classroom supplies tidy, organised and easily accessible with our range of classroom storage trolleys. Explore designs that feature tubs and shelf inserts to suit every storage need. You can also find accessories like baskets, containers and hooks to attach to the side of your storage cart.
  • Rolling Drawer Organisers & Portable Workstations: Extend storage space for essential teacher's desk supplies using trolleys with drawers or a folding workstation. Pack away supplies for special classroom activities into their own set of drawers or portable shelving units - then simply wheel them out when you're ready to go!
  • Storage Caddies & Boxes: Discover compact file boxes for worksheets, storage trays, art & craft storage caddies for paints, pens and pencils as well as practical containers and tubs. Choose stackable containers for ease of storage, and explore compartmentalised designs to keep small craft items neat and tidy.

Classroom Storage FAQs

How to organise classroom stationery

Whether you're sorting out pens, pencils & markers or a selection of supplies like art paints and brushes, you're going to need the right classroom storage trays or classroom storage tubs for the job! Classroom storage trolleys with drawers are perfect for storing paper and worksheets, and small shallow trays are ideal for placing in the centre of desks to store essential pens and pencils. Try storing coloured markers or paint brushes in cup-style classroom caddies with handles - easy to place on a desk during art class and simple to pack away once students are done creating!

What's the best way to organise a classroom?

When it comes to classroom organisation there are no hard and fast rules - it comes down to how much space you have and the amount of items you need to store! Here are a few top tips so you can best prioritise your classroom storage needs:

  • Keep frequently used items easily accessible.
  • Label everything!
  • Use trolleys and carts to store specialist equipment - simply wheel them out as you require.
  • Use stackable storage boxes for items that are not used frequently.
  • Get creative - food storage containers and home storage items like boxes, baskets & tubs also make excellent and affordable storage options for your classroom.

Can classroom storage items only be used in the classroom?

Classroom storage tubs, trolleys and containers can also be excellent storage solutions for offices, home study spaces or art studios. If you have lots of stationery & school supplies to organise your home then classroom storage organisers may be the solution you're looking for! Storage stands with tubs or classroom trolleys are also a great way to establish order in kids' bedrooms or play spaces.

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