Looking for quality kitchen supplies that can stand the test of time? Be sure to check out the Wiltshire range of kitchen supplies at Spotlight. In this collection of kitchen products, customers can find items such as cake pans, cupcake cases, cooling racks, heavy-duty roasters, and countless other essentials for the kitchen. Customers who are shopping at Spotlight for their Wiltshire products can take advantage of the best prices in Australia - this is the lowest price guarantee we provide to every customer who chooses our store. So, pick up your Wiltshire products for the kitchen today, and save some money in the process!

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Shop Wiltshire Cookware, Bakeware & Accessories At Spotlight

Beloved by Australian families for over 80 years, Wiltshire specialises in creating all sorts of cookware, utensils and bakeware, and are known for their high-quality Staysharp Knives. Spotlight offers a wide range of Wiltshire baking tools, pans, knives and other kitchenware at affordable prices. Shop the range here!

Why Should I Buy Wiltshire Cookware?

Wiltshire was formed in 1938 and has been providing Australians with quality products ever since. They are famous for their Staysharp knives, which are a combination of a quality knife and a sharpening block in one. These knives are available in over 20 countries and are perfect for those of us who hate dull knives!

Wiltshire has also expanded into cookware and now produces an amazing range of pans, baking tools, utensils and glassware. Most Wiltshire products are dishwasher safe, but all will come with detailed care instructions to ensure you keep them looking their best.

What Kinds Of Wiltshire Cookware Can I Find At Spotlight?

Spotlight stocks a huge range of Wiltshire products, including:

  • Wiltshire cutlery sets and loose cutlery - Wiltshire cutlery are made in a timeless, classic design and are dishwasher safe. Featuring a stainless steel design and mirrored finish, all Wiltshire cutlery is perfectly designed for both everyday use and formal occasions.
  • Wiltshire cooking pans - offering a range of non-stick options, Wiltshire cooking pans include frypans, skillets and saucepans, each carefully designed for durability and ease of use. These should be hand washed in order to protect the non-stick coating.
  • Wiltshire baking pans - immediately recognisable by their cream colour and navy rim, Wiltshire baking pans are made of a creamy enamel that is beautiful enough to be served at the table. Spotlight's also offers a range of metal baking trays to augment your collection.
  • Wiltshire knives and knife blocks - Wiltshire knife blocks feature all the classic knife types you need for chopping, slicing and dicing your foods. If it is a single knife you need, invest in a Staysharp knife that self-sharpens as you pull it from its sheath.
  • Wiltshire cake turntables and tins - bake with confidence using Wiltshire's bakeware. From springform pans and silicone tins to muffin trays, you can make what you need in a Wiltshire pan - there are even Wiltshire number cake tins available for milestone birthdays. You can use a Wiltshire cake turntable to decorate your cake with icing in one smooth action.
  • Wiltshire piping sets and tools - create works of art using icing and fondant using a Wiltshire piping set or modelling tools. Apply icing in swirls, stars and ribbons with your piping bag, then create designs of incredible detail using Wiltshire modelling tools.

Spotlight also has a great range of cooking utensils and gadgets you can use to make every meal a little easier to make.

Find The Right Wiltshire Cookware At Spotlight

Prepare, cook and present your meals on quality Wiltshire cookware from Spotlight! Once you have made your purchases online, you can choose from home delivery or click and collect options for your Wiltshire baking and cookware.

Need a little help buying the right cookware for your home? Let our kitchen and dining buying guides assist you.



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