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Versatile Vinyl

Vinyl is a durable, synthetic plastic material invented by an American scientist in the 1920's. In different forms it has many diverse uses across a huge range of industries and is one of the most-used plastics in the world. It is commonly used in many products in industries such as automotive, textiles, construction, aerospace, retail, homewares, communications and many more.

At Spotlight, our vinyl fabric is frequently used in a vast variety of craft projects and clothing design. Included in our range of vinyls is Soft Leatherette, a leather-lookalike, elastane/polyester blended material and pre-cut Neoprene, made with synthetic rubber.

Neoprene is a flexible and resilient material which may come in handy when undertaking your next creative project, particularly those where a material with durable, insulative properties is required.

Do Spotlight have different types of vinyl?

Yes, Spotlight have a selection of vinyl fabrics in a range of delightful colours, designs, and thicknesses sure to be suitable for use in any sewing or craft project.

Spotlight’s Zephyr vinyl is a general-purpose material with a beautiful texture, perfectly suited to your sewing, quilting or embroidery project. The Zephyr vinyl is made in China and available in a range of colours, including navy, white, red, gunmetal, grey and black.

Our Vacation vinyl is made right here in Australia. It has a smooth, lightly-textured finish and is ideal for dressmaking projects where you want a softer material for your garments. It is versatile, long-wearing and comes in a range of colours including the popular and timeless colours of black and white along with a stunning sky-blue shade. Whip up a skirt in sleek black or eye-catching sky blue and your friends will be asking which designer store you shop in!

Our vinyl range also includes Soft Leatherette, another versatile material suited to many sewing, quilting or embroidery projects. Soft Leatherette is an elastane and polyester blend made in China, available instore and online in black only. This gorgeous fabric is perfect for creating fashionable garments at an affordable price.

Don’t forget our pre-cut Neoprene vinyl also available in black, with Spotlight’s lowest price guarantee.

Can I buy vinyl in store as well as from Spotlight’s online store?

Yes, our pre-cut Neoprene, Zephyr, Vacation and Soft Leatherette vinyls are all available to purchase online or from Spotlight stores. You can check availability at your local Spotlight store via this page.

If you purchase your vinyl fabrics online you should be aware that colours may vary from what is displayed on your computer or device. When purchasing both online and in store Spotlight advise that our suppliers provide fabrics in varying roll lengths and so we cannot guarantee continuous lengths.

If I purchase online what will delivery cost and how long will it take?

Shopping online is a convenient and time-effective way to shop. If you make your purchase online, please see the Delivery and Returns information available on this page.



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