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Explore Spotlight's extensive range of knitting needles to find the perfect match for every knitting technique and project. Whether you're just starting out on your knitting adventures or are a seasoned professional, you can find the right knitting needles for you at Spotlight. Discover needles made from a wide range of materials including bamboo knitting needles, wooden knitting needles, metal knitting needles and plastic knitting needles. No matter which style and technique of knitting you prefer, we have needles that will keep your hands comfortable and deliver fabulous results. Shop the range today where you can find Pony knitting needles, Addi knitting needles and more from your favourite brands like Boye and KnitPro.

What Are The Different Types Of Knitting Needles?

  • Straight Knitting Needles: These are the most common type of knitting needles, characterised by pointed tips and a flat, wide end. Straight needles are often used for projects where rows of stitches are required such as scarves and blankets.
  • Circular Knitting Needles: Recognisable by a wire and a nylon cord that forms an extension between two knitting needles, circular needles are used for projects that require a round pattern - hats, sweaters and infinity scarves. They're also commonly used for larger projects because the extension can hold a larger amount of stitches.
  • Double Pointed Knitting Needles: Double-pointed needles are often used to bind off projects like hats and sweaters. However, they're also particularly useful for smaller projects such as socks or mittens.
  • Cable Needles: Cable knitting needles are less common but this doesn't mean they're not handy. In fact, if you're working on a cabling project, only cable needles - with their unique U-shape - will be able to do the job. Cable needles can also be used in combination with straight needles, circular needles, double-pointed needles and more.

Knitting Needles FAQs

What are the different knitting needle sizes?

The size of knitting needles is determined by their diameter - small needles will create smaller stitches, and are intended for use with fine knitting yarns or those with a smaller ply. In Australia, knitting needle sizes are indicated in millimetres. There are also US and UK sizes - for example, a 4mm knitting needle has a UK size of 8 and a US size of 6. Check out our handy needles & hooks buying guide for a comprehensive knitting needle size conversion chart.

What is cable knitting?

Cable knitting is a more advanced knitting technique that creates layered textures and intertwined designs - think of the iconic Aran sweaters with their ornate Celtic knots and braids. The patterns are achieved by knitting certain stitches out of sequence. A selection of stitches are placed onto a cable needle for storage while the stitches in front or behind are knitted.

What is knitting in the round?

Knitting is the round is another knitting technique used to create garments like hats, beanies and booties. Rather than working a row of stitches from end to end, the knitting is worked in circular loops. Knitting in the round is achieved with the use of circular knitting needles, though some knitters prefer to use a number of double pointed knitting needles particularly for smaller projects.

How to choose the right size knitting needles

One of the biggest questions knitters will face - particularly beginners - is how to choose the right size knitting needles for their projects. Knitting patterns will indicate which size needles to use in conjunction with a particular yarn. Additionally, the band on yarn skeins will recommend which size knitting needles are required to create a correctly sized tension square. As you gain more experience you may find you like to choose slightly smaller or larger knitting needles depending on if you tend to knit tighter or looser stitches.


Spotlight has all the knitting essentials you need to get creating knitted scarves, jumpers, beanies, soft toys and more! Shop knitting needles online, or head into your nearest Spotlight store where you can find yarn, wool, knitting patterns and invaluable tools like stitch counters, stitch markers and stitch holders from our range of needle art tools & accessories. Inspire your next creation with our FREE knitting & crochet projects online, which include easy to follow instructions and downloadable projects sheets for your convenience.



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