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How To Purchase A Pencil Case That Is Right For You?

A pencil case is a personal choice, but you also have to think about the practical side. After all, pencil cases come in various designs that could be more or less functional for you. So, what makes a good pencil case for you?

What Size Pencil Case Is Best?

That depends heavily on what you are going to use it for. If you are at university or art school, then it is likely you will need a pencil case that is bigger than most. However, if you only need a couple of pens for work while you are on the go, you will need a more minimalist and streamlined option.

In Spotlight's range of pencil cases, you can find options that match various requirements. We have larger pencil cases with more interior pockets for easier organisation, but also single streamlined versions perfect for a couple of pens.

In addition to the size pencil case, you also want to look at the access to your pens. Some pencil cases allow you instant access to all the pens and pencils you store in them, while others have more pockets for better organisation. It all depends on the type of access you need for your work or school.

If you cannot decide on the size and access of your pencil case, you can also consider one of the options with several zippers on the outside. You can find several of these pencil cases at Spotlight, providing you with plenty of options.

When you choose a pencil case with several zippers on the outside, you can choose which pens to keep the most accessible and which to keep protected the most. Of course, you can also get these pencil cases with different linings and flaps for some added protection.

What Materials Are Best For Pencil Cases?

Pencil cases come in a variety of materials, this goes from suede to plastic and full-blown leather. The same goes for the detailing that goes with your pencil case, as zippers and other details can be made with various materials.

While the material is mainly a style choice, you do have to think about the stationary that goes inside the pencil case. For example, if you have pens that are prone to leaking, you may want a material that is easy to maintain and clean. Fabric pencil cases can easily get stained from pens, while the plastic choices allow for easier cleaning.

When you choose plastic for easier maintenance, be sure that the pencil case does not contain any additional lining on the inside. Otherwise, you could still encounter difficult maintenance despite choosing the right material.

If you have some valuable pens you use on a regular basis, then you need a material that protects those pens. You may need more protection against bumps, but you might need to protect the tips of your freshly sharpened pencils.

Some pencil cases come with special flaps on the inside, which protect the tips of your pencils from breaking. While these are some relatively simple and affordable solutions, the best solutions do not always have to be expensive.

Choose Your Best Pencil Case From The Spotlight Collection

Spotlight provides an outstanding range of pencil cases, each designed to meet your requirements. Check out the range of pencil cases here today and discover suitable options for school, work, or even your hobby room. With a large range of colours and designs to choose from, you will not be disappointed.

Need some additional stationery to go inside your pencil case? Be sure to check out the stationery collection at Spotlight too, as there are some amazing deals to take advantage of.



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