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Keep your bedroom neat with our range of bedroom storage essentials, including clothes hangers & storage bags at Spotlight. Shop bedroom storage now.

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Can I purchase bedroom storage accessories at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Spotlight prides itself on its large collection of stylish and practical items for the home, all available online and at sensible, everyday prices. No matter which bedroom products you are looking for, you will be able to find a great selection of excellent value items here at guaranteed low prices.

What types of bedroom storage accessories do you have in stock?

Bedroom storage accessories vary from useful items such as our Brampton House Quilt Storage Bag, which is specially designed to protect your spare duvet or comforter when not in use, for instance if you use different weights of quilt for summer and winter, or for use in guest bedrooms. Protecting your quilt or comforter in a storage bag means you can store it on top of a wardrobe, on the loft or at the back of a cupboard without having to worry that it will get dusty or dirty.

Another handy item in this range is the Ms Fix-It Floral Hanger, which is specially designed to hold all those hard to store items such as scarves, throws, jewellery, cloth belts and other similar items. With room for several items on one hanger, it will add space to your wardrobe, and it can hang on the back of doors or anywhere where you have a convenient hook too.

If you have never used our great Evolve Lifewares Vacuum Bags before, you will be amazed at how much space you can save by storing out-of-season clothes and other bulky items such as bedding in these great bags. Once you have put the items in the bag, suck out the excess air with the use of your vacuum cleaner and watch them shrink before your eyes! You will be able to store much more in your wardrobe, under the bed or in other storage spaces when using these bags. Bags are reusable and keep items protected against dust, dirt, insects, mould and moisture.

Save even more space with the Evolve Lifewares Roll Up Travel Bag, which will let you roll up clothes and other items into a clear, see-through bag that will save you up to 75% of space, ideal for travel or storing clothes and other items when not in use.

Do you sell other storage solutions at Spotlight too?

Spotlight has a huge range of storage products and accessories for bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen to help you keep all areas of the home uncluttered and tidy, including a great range of kids storage solutions in fun colours and designs. Check out the many storage products and accessories at Spotlight today to find your ideal home products at sensible prices.



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