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There are many popular crafts nowadays you can try, so anyone needing a new hobby will certainly find many options. All hobbies need some kind of supplies, at Spotlight, you can find the supplies you need at great prices! From paper crafting, toy and bear making and leather crafting to macrame and convenient craft kits, you won't be short of inspiration with the fantastic range at Spotlight. Read more below to discover more and find your next project!

Hobby Supplies FAQs

What are some examples of fun crafts and hobbies to try?

There are many fantastic crafts and hobbies to try that are suitable for different ages and skill levels. Below, we go through some popular hobbies that you might enjoy:

  • Wool Roving and Felting: One of the crafts you could pick up as a new hobby is felting. There are different types of felting nowadays, but the type of felting we are talking about is needle felting. Needle felting is a craft where you use special needles to interlock wool fibres - this with the aim to create a condensed material. To start felting, you will need some wool and various sizes of felting needles - this ensures you have the right tools for the job. There are many different felting needles available nowadays, but you want to look out for the most popular options - this includes number 36, 38, and 40 triangle point needles.
  • Clay Modelling: Most people have not heard of clay modelling, but it is just a fancy term for clay sculpting. You may remember clay sculpting from your childhood, because this type of craft is often done during childhood, albeit with child's clay. As an adult, there are more options available to you where clay modelling is concerned. When you execute clay modelling, you can create a three-dimensional piece of artwork. Crafters can use three different types of clay to do this - this includes plastilina (oil-based clay), self-hardening clay (non-firing clay), and ceramic pottery clay. Depending on the tools you have available, you must choose a type of clay that matches what you have available for your craft. So, if you have a pottery oven, you can go all out with some genuine ceramic pottery clay.
  • Candle Making: Another craft you may not have considered yet is candle making, although this type of craft is becoming increasingly more popular. With candle making, crafters can create some of the most intricate candles - this includes scented candles, oddly shaped candles, and many others. You can also customise the colour and scent of your candle, making it truly unique!
  • Beading and Jewellery Making: Making jewellery is a rewarding and fun craft! You can make fun beaded friendship bracelets as well as earrings, necklaces and more accessories. Shop our ready-to-use friendship bracelet kits and the entire jewellery-making supplies and beads

What hobbies are suitable for kids?

For kids, there are many great crafts and hobbies they can try. This includes slime making, kids' activity kits, kids' colouring books, tie dye and beading. Some activities such as tie-dye and slime making may require adult supervision.

Where can I find some project ideas?

For more FREE craft projects and hobby ideas, discover the Projects Page on the Spotlight website. Find hundreds of project sheets to get inspired and creative.

Find a Huge Range of Hobby Supplies at Spotlight

Spotlight offers one of the largest selections of crafting supplies in Australia, so you can certainly get some inspiration for a new hobby when shopping at our store. So, in addition to the crafts we have mentioned already, you can discover many others simply by browsing the crafting supplies catalogue at Spotlight. Need some help finding the right supplies for your new hobby? Browse our comprehensive buying guides for in-depth information. Shop hobby supplies online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or visit your nearest store to browse the range in person. Spotlight is here to help you Create, Decorate and Celebrate everyday!



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