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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Vertical Blinds Answered

Vertical blinds are popular window coverings for office environments. That being said, many people are considering vertical blinds for their home too, as they have a streamlined and overall minimalist design. To help you get started with vertical blinds, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions below.

How To Clean Vertical Blinds?

The maintenance of blinds is one of the most common questions we get. Since there is a wide range of both roller blinds and vertical blinds with different track systems, we will clarify how you can clean each type with confidence.

Vertical blinds – cleaning your vertical blinds is relatively easy. Simply grab a bucket with some lukewarm water and add your preferred detergent. Grab a cloth and put it in the bucket. Wring out until you have a damp cloth to wipe down your vertical blinds. Alternatively, you can also remove the vertical blinds from the track system for an easier clean.

Roller blinds – most people find roller blinds easier to clean; this since you only have to pull them down and wash the entire surface with a damp cloth. You can also clean these roller blinds with your vacuum and a dedicated attachment.

Are Vertical Blinds Still In Style?

Many customers wonder if vertical blinds are still in style; this because these kinds of blinds are often limited to an office environment. However, with a large range of vertical blinds online, customers can buy vertical blinds to match their interior perfectly. Therefore, vertical blinds are still in style for both offices and homes.

Here are the recommended uses for vertical blinds, with some expert tips from our team:

Large windows – covering a large window in your home with the right set of curtains or even roller blinds can be quite complicated. To cover larger surfaces, vertical blinds could bring the solution; this since their construction allows more surface coverage and easier manipulation. Covering your larger windows with vertical blinds also allows you to regulate the amount of light you let or don’t let in.

Sliding doors – vertical blinds are not only suitable for your large windows; they are also extremely suitable to cover your sliding doors. If you have some sliding doors in your home and they impede on the privacy between two rooms, a good set of vertical blinds can provide the solution.

Vertical Blinds Colours – if you decide to obtain some vertical blinds for your home, be sure to look at the amazing colours that are now available for your home. While offices usually take advantage of basic white blinds, you can find vertical blinds in other colours too.

How Much Are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds can vary in price considerably; this since the cost of these blinds will be subject to the overall surface they must cover. In general, the larger your windows or sliding doors, the higher the price will be for your blinds.

Vertical blinds price – Spotlight provides vertical blinds, each with their own fixed price. As such, customers can buy vertical blinds to match their budget. One popular choice at the moment is our Caprice Platinum Vertical Blind, available in two different colours.

Vertical blinds parts – you can count on Spotlight for more than just your blinds. We also have a range of vertical blinds parts, which you can use to install or fix an existing vertical blind installation. Check out our catalogue for chains, headers, and weights.

Measuring For Vertical Blinds

When measuring for vertical blinds, always measure where your vertical blinds will be mounted. For example, if your vertical blinds will hang on top of the window frame, measure the distance at the top. If you will mount inside the window frame, measure the inside of the window frame.

Naturally, you do not only require the width of a window, you also require the height. To measure the height, you must once again consider how your rail or track will be mounted. If your track will be mounted on the inside of the window, measure the height from the top of the window on the inside, to the bottom of the window on the inside. Then, round your number down to the nearest 5 millimetres; this will make sure your blinds do not fall too long on the windowsill, but just end up above it.

Of course, a different method is used for vertical blinds that are mounted above the window. In these cases, you will have to measure from the mounting location to just above or below the windowsill. In some cases, you might want your blinds to fall just above the floor.

Can you see through vertical blinds at night?

It is impossible to see through vertical blinds when they are closed. Please note that vertical blinds can be made from both fabric and plastic. When made from fabric, always check if the blinds are made from a strong fabric with no sheer capabilities.



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