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Discover Tumbler Cups And Glasses At Spotlight

Tumblers glasses are a must-have in any home, as they are your go-to choice for everyday beverages like water, juice and milk. At Spotlight, we have an extensive range of tumbler cups and glasses for you to choose from! They are made out of materials like glass, crystal, ceramic and plastic and come in a wonderful range of colours, patterns and designs. Whether you are starting your tumbler glass collection or just replacing an old favourite, you can find the tumbler cups you need at Spotlight!

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Drinking Glass

Thanks to their simple but effective shape, tumbler cups can be used as much or as little as you want, for all kinds of drinks. Whether it's for one of your many daily cups of water, your morning cup of orange juice or even a mixer on a special occasion, tumblers can do it all - plus their simple shape makes cleaning up afterwards easy. Look for reputable brands like Alpen and Brampton House for tumblers you can rely on!

Tumbler FAQs

What is a tumbler glass?

A tumbler glass is a medium-sized drinking glass with straight sides, a flat base and a moderately-sized rim that allows users to drink as much or as little as they want. They are an everyday use glass that is usually made from either glass or plastic, although ceramic and crystal varieties are available as well.

What is a tumbler glass used for?

A tumbler glass is used for drinking cold, non-alcoholic beverages like water, juice and milk. Tumbler cups can also be used to drink mixers and cocktails, although glasses like the highball and coupe cocktail glass are designed for these purposes especially.

Can you put hot drinks in a tumbler?

Because of their thin structure, hot beverages should not be placed into a tumbler glass unless it is a special tumbler glass designed for this purpose, with insulated walls and a thick design. Hot drinks should especially be avoided around glass tumblers, as they can crack when the hot beverage is added.

Wine tumblers are insulated tumblers designed for this purpose, and are a good alternative to a traditional wine glass when you want your mulled or spiced wine served warm.

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Find The Right Tumbler Glasses At Spotlight

Explore our great range of tumbler cups and glasses online, where you can quickly pay and have your tumblers home delivered in no time. Alternatively, pop into your local Spotlight store and our lovely team will help you find the right tumblers for your needs. Make sure to read our guides on choosing drinkware and cleaning and storing glassware to make sure you are making the right choices regarding all your drinking glasses. And for heaps of great event ideas you'll need the best tumblers for, read our celebrate blog for fun party inspiration, like our masquerade, Hawaiian and 90s theme party blogs.



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