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Explore Beautiful Loose Dinnerware At Spotlight

If you have found yourself needing individual dinnerware, then you have come to the right place! Spotlight's collection of individual bowls and plates is just what you need to complete an uneven dinner collection, replace broken plates and bowls or just give as a gift to an individual. With a great range of materials, sizes and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect loose dinnerware for your needs here!

Quality Individual Dinnerware Materials

Our individual plates and bowls come in a variety of quality materials, including:

  • Stoneware - this type of ceramic is thick and durable, often coming in a range of beautiful, natural colours that are fully opaque.
  • Porcelain - white and translucent, porcelain can be moulded into incredible shapes, while its white colour allows for beautiful colours and designs to be imparted into its surface.
  • Ironstone - this material is like a mix of stoneware and porcelain, featuring the opaque look and durability of stoneware and the thinner, more delicate appearance of porcelain.
  • Tritan - this BPA-free plastic is perfect for transporting food for picnics and for keeping takeaway food hot and fresh.

Loose Dinnerware FAQs

What is loose dinnerware?

Loose dinnerware refers to individual plates and bowls that you can purchase on their own. Most dinnerware comes in sets, so loose dinnerware is ideal for adding extra dinnerware to a collection or for replacing broken plates and bowls from complete sets.

When will I need loose dinnerware?

Loose dinnerware can come in handy at home, like when:

  • You have an uncommon amount of pace settings and need to bulk out your current dining ware sets to the right number.
  • You have broken a bowl or plate from a dinnerware set and need to replace it, but don't want to buy a whole other set.
  • You love an eclectic dining table and want different plates and bowls for everyone!

What should I do before I look at tableware designs?

Before you start looking at designs, it is important to ensure the tableware is the right size for your kitchen. Since you store your bowls and plates in your kitchen or dining room cupboards, you need to make sure your cupboards are big enough to hold that tableware. Make sure to measure your cupboards before you place an order!

We also recommend choosing a design that is relatively modern. By doing so, you can easily find a replacement plate or bowl when one of them gets damaged. If your plates and bowls are outdated in terms of design, it will be much harder to find a replacement. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that at Spotlight, as we provide a big collection of tableware that all have contemporary and modern designs.

What Else Can I Find in the Dinnerware and Tableware Range At Spotlight?

You can find heaps of other tableware at Spotlight, including:

  • Dinnersets - if you need a whole new collection of dinnerware, discover the range of dinner sets at a great price.
  • Table linen and accessories - the right table linen such as tablecloths, placemats, and table runners can completely transform how your table appears, plus they also protect your table from food and drink stains!
  • Coasters - a coaster will prevent heat or water from your drinks from damaging your table. Plus they are a nice little way to add some useful decor to your table!
  • Tableware - find bowls, plates and cutlery here, in stylish sets and individually as well.

Discover the rest of our range in our kitchen and dining hub.

Find The Right Loose Dinnerware At Spotlight

You can find all sorts of loose dinnerware from leading brands such as Casa Domani, Culinary Co, and Wiltshire at Spotlight, both online and in-store. Shop online, pay safely and have your individual dinnerware home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store to browse in person. Choose the right dinnerware by consulting our dinnerware buying guide before you buy. And why not read our table linen and servingware buying guides to help you create the ideal table?



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