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Perfect your dining table setup with Casa Domani dinnerware & servingware. Shop Casa Domani dinnersets, plates, mugs, glasses, bowls & more at Spotlight.

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Enjoy Casa Domani Dinner Sets, Mugs and Loose Dinnerware With Spotlight

Set your table with style using Casa Domani plates, bowls and glassware. All Casa Domani dinnerware is full of character, with each piece carefully designed in both shape and colour to stand out from the crowd. At Spotlight we're pleased to offer you a wide range of beautiful Casa Domani mugs, plates, bowls and dinner plate sets at competitive prices. Try the brand today, and fall in love with Casa Domani at your next meal!

Choose Casa Domani Dinnerware For Everyday Elegance 7 Versatility at the Table

Casa Domani has been supplying Australians with gorgeous tableware for twenty years, and takes inspiration from Mediterranean and Asian art for the stunning designs you'll find on their dinnerware. Casa Domani dinnerware turns every meal into a special occasion, and is fantastic for alfresco dining, outdoor barbeques and family events where you want to impress. With such a huge range of designs available, there's sure to be some Casa Domani dinner sets that suit your style and kitchen decor!

Casa Domani Dinnerware FAQs

What kinds of Casa Domani dinnerware can I find at Spotlight?

Whatever kind of dinnerware you need to set your table, chances are Casa Domani has it. Discover side plates, dining plates and serving platters for flat, solid food and a wide range of Casa Domani bowls including rice, coupe, cereal, noodle, pasta, serving, dipping and rimmed soup bowls for looser foods. Casa Domani has also gorgeous coffee mugs and tea and saucer sets for your hot drinks, as well as miscellaneous tools like egg cups and spoon rests for the little touches.

What materials are Casa Domani dinner sets made from?

The main materials you will find Casa Domani dinnerware is made from include ceramics like porcelain and stoneware. Ceramics are fired at high temperatures, are durable and are usually safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher.

Stoneware is generally heavier, thicker and stronger, with an opaque body and hefty feel. Porcelain is thin, light and sometimes semi-transparent, but can be easier to break than stoneware. Check the finer details on any Casa Domani dinner plate sets, bowls and mugs for more exact usage and cleaning instructions.

Are Casa Domani glasses good quality?

Filled with simple tap water or your favourite red wine, Casa Domani glasses are a treat for the eyes thanks to their sleek, clean design. Their simplicity means they can be slotted into kitchens and dining rooms of any design, plus they are easy to clean. If you want more detailed glassware, Casa Domani trellis glass storage jars are ideal for storing coffee, pasta, herbs and spices in plain view.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Once you've decked out your table in Casa Domani glasses and dinnerware, accentuate the rest of your space with some of Spotlight's other dining essentials!

  • Drinkware - the right glass can turn any drink into an elegant beverage. Find wine and champagne glasses, tumblers, cocktail glasses and drinking mugs here!
  • Tableware - find all the plates, bowls and crockery you could need here, both as individual pieces and handy dinner plate sets to set the table with.
  • Servingware - the right serving ware makes any event a breeze, so find the right serving bowls, plates and crockery for your event here!

Find The Right Casa Domani Dinnerware At Spotlight

Bring the eye-catching stylings of Casa Domani to your dinner table with Spotlight. You can browse our Casa Domani dinner sets online, where payment is easy and your order can be delivered straight to your home. Alternatively, head to your nearest Spotlight store and a member of our team will help you find the right Casa Domani dinnerware for your needs. Need a chance to show off your new Casa Domani glasses and plate sets? Check out our celebrate blog for fun event ideas you can host in the comfort of your own home!



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